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The Taj Mahal

We were in India after all, hence we truly eager to pay a visit one of the seven wonders of the world, The Taj Mahal before we return to Malaysia. Thanks to Lobzang, he manages to arrange our group for the pickup from the airport smoothly by our driver, Mr Surjeet. After we tasted the KFC in India, we depart on our way towards Agra, which was like 220 KM away. It was truly jam in New Delhi, for a certain part of the journey inside the metropolis, we only manage to move like 20 KM in an hour time, it was super exhausting. The journey getting smoother after leaving the centre and it takes us 4 and a half hours to reach Taj Villas hotel in Agra. A special highlight of the journey was indeed the sunset along the drive via Yamuna Expressway. Seriously, it was the most beautiful sunset I witness in my life by far!

Ready for the departure to Agra!

The light that stole all the attention away on the road.

How I wish I have a good zoom lens at this time!

I swear it looked super huge from there, too bad I failed to demonstrate it into my shot.

Thanks India for yet another surprise encounter!

We have an early rest on the night as we need to get ready post-bath and breakfast at 6:30AM, which Mr Surjeet and our guide were already waiting for us. We dropped off close to East Gate entrance, and the queue here was still not too scary, hence it just took us around 15 minutes to pass the security check. We stick in a group and walked past the main entrance, and immediately amazed with the stunning view of Taj Mahal from the doorway. It was indeed truly a beautiful wonder and I start to feel glad that I insist to come here for a visit.

East gate entrance into Taj Mahal.

Good to be early, only 15 minutes of queue to make it inside.

Look at that white building from far there!

Time to close one of many bucket list in my travel destination.

Superb impressive first image of the majestic Taj Mahal!

The crowds waiting for their turn for photo, it will be common in hot spot like this one.

Like one of the many tourists here, we wander for some times in Taj Mahal Garden area, snapping countless photos on the same perspective while making our ways closer to it. However, our first target wasn't Taj Mahal yet at this moment, but the Kau Ban Mosque on the left flank. The reason being, it was the best spot to witness the sunrise coming up from the east side, slightly to the right of the Taj Mahal. A fair amount of times well spent enjoying the scenery peacefully, with a lesser crowd in this area!

Doesn't want to fighting our-self for photo hot spot, we rather spend more time enjoying the view quietly somewhere else.

Slowly walk through Taj Mahal Garden terrace, the view was just so mysterious pairing with foggy morning.

The main entrance that massive crowd fighting for photo spot.

Taken from small pond in the middle of Taj Mahal Garden.

Professional cameramen in action!

Rushing to a great spot for sunrise!

Even from this direction, Taj Mahal was still fully symmetric, it was super amazing!

Hybrid and the sunrise in Taj Mahal.

Exploring interior of Kau Ban Mosque.

Another side of the mosque.

Just gorgeous.

It was truly a beautiful morning.

Close up view on the marble wall.

The Kau Ban Mosque.

Back to reality, we moving ourself toward Taj Mahal now, and queuing with the massive crowd now to enter the main hall, which displays the replicate tomb of the king and queen inside, no photography was allowed in there. We did not spend too much time inside the main hall, as we found that we enjoy the exterior view of it much more! The symmetric perfect of this wonder makes it perfect for photos almost from any angle of the area. We spend nearly 2-3 hours wandering at this majestic place and was ready to depart home the same night. It was a long holiday and finally, it was time to go home.

Time to explore into the inside of Taj Mahal.

The beautiful Taj Mahal Garden view.

Marble wall with superior artworks.

The exit of the interior visit.

The proportion, the symmetric, it was truly a piece of art.

The view over Yamuna River.

Hair splashing ladies!

Tourist photo please!

Fabian with a moon walk pose with Taj Mahal!

Missing Andy and CT, but still it was a nice group photo!

Mehmaan Khana, to the east side of Taj Mahal.

Sit down and relax with the comfortable morning temperature.

Say cheers!

With brighter sunlight, the Taj Mahal looked even more stunning!

Mandy hoping that she able to have a photo together with one of the local that pass-by.

Well, not just one but everyone of them were so willing to take a photo with her!

Mandy with a friendly Indian lady, at the Taj Mahal.

It appeared many times from various channel, but to witness it with my own eyes was truly a magnificent experience.

Goodbye, beautiful Taj Mahal!

Happy team playing hike and seek on the walk way.

Hoping for a return one day to this beautiful place!

Taj Mahal - India

January 2018

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