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Devil's Bridge Trail

After a hectic working week, it is finally weekend again! I don't have much chance to work on the weekend plan as we are having a crazy party in Casey's house with nice home cook foods prepared by Casey himself, fun time with his huge dog Hanks, visiting his personal weapon garage, and end up with classic Tropic Thunder movie! The sleep continue until late morning without any plan on head, and finally start to make up my plan again during breakfast time. End up I am taking advice from Ming Chiat, to explore Devil's Bridge trail in Sedona!

Since everyone still very tired after a party night, hence I proceed with my plan alone by myself.

Giant Hanks!

Reaching the trail head via Sedona at around 3:15 PM after around 140 miles of drive, and without much hesitation I immediately start the trail. As usual I took out my camera while walking the trail to capture the surrounding scenery, but only to realize that I forgot to put back my memory card into the camera after pluck it to laptop to copy out photos. Immediately I felt so upset about myself, but just have to proceed with the trail by using my iPhone 6+ to snap instead.

Initial trail from car park, is kinda boring to be honest, as it is still a long walk along a dirt road that still occupied by 4WD jeep that taking tourist in and out between car park and the actual trail head. I did not ask for the price, but if you decide to take those transport, you can skip this boring part of the trail.

Walking along the cactus, beware of the thorns.

Keep walking myself towards this red rock.

Follow the direction.

Boring and dusty trail, especially when the jeep is passing by.

After around 1.4 miles of walk, finally I manage to reach the car park for the 4WD jeep, mark the actual trail head for Devil's Bridge trail, this is when the trail start to get interesting. It was a moderate trail from here onward, with a lot of stairs to climb, quite steep but not too long. You got to enjoy the extremely reddish red rock along the walk. The trail was short actually, when I am able to see many people standing around for photo I knew that I am already there at my destination. Devil's Bridge is the largest natural sandstone arch in the Sedona area and it's one of the most heavenly sights in an area famous for them. Although I love to spend more time relaxing on this wonder land, but I recall that I have to rushing myself back to the car to looks for a new memory card before all the shops in town are closed.

Finally, right turn to reach the actual trail head.

How you take scenery photo by yourself when you don't have good selfie skill.

OK, time for some serious hike.

Naturally crafted red rock along the trail.

Lots of step to climb on.

Rewarding view when you keep on going higher.

Finally I am here, the amazing piece of artwork by nature!

Panorama view of the famous Devil's Bridge.

Pretty lady in white on the edge.

The trail that I took to reach up here.

Bye for now, have to rush my way back!

The map of the trail.

These red rocks are extremely beautiful when reflected by the sunset's light.

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I manage to back to the car around 5:45 PM, and start to multitasking; driving the car toward town direction, while searching for nearest camera store that is still opened. I manage to find an available store, Rollie's Camera Shop that going to close at 6 PM, and was 10 minutes drive away. I called them up immediately and Chris said it will be sufficient time for me to reach there, but unfortunately there was some slight traffic jam down there in Sedona down town, hence I call him up again to make sure that he will be waiting for me. I reached the store at around 6:05 PM and the store was almost fully shut down with only Chris there, waiting for me. At last, I manage to get a new SD card for my camera, and I am super appreciate to Chris, and to Rollie's Camera Shop as well!

Interior of Rollie's Camera Shop, even the fan was already off while waiting for me!

First photo took with my new SD card!

Appreciate the patience for waiting Chris!

Devil's Bridge Trail - USA

October 2017

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