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Trick-or-treating is a Halloween ritual custom especially for children in many countries. Children dress up with Halloween theme costume travel from house to house, asking for treats with the phrase 'Trick or treat'. The treat normally coming with the form of candy, and the 'trick' refers to a threat, if candy was not being treat to these kids. On the streets, some homeowners signal that they are willing to hand out treats by putting up Halloween decorations outside their doors, while other simply just leave candies on their porches for the children to take it freely.

It was fun to see parent bringing their kids, each of them dress up well in Halloween costume over to office for this trick-or-treating event! For Asian like me, this was such a special event hosted in the office, and I can see those kids enjoy it so much. Although this was more toward a event for kids, but all the colleagues here really spend a lot of effort making the decorations fancies and innovative in almost every corners of the office.

Warm up for me, and I am exciting to participate in the upcoming Halloween party!

Star-lord is here!

Cutie pie checking on her 'treat'.

Beatrice and her cute kids!

Radhames and family! Her daughter cosplay as Moana in famous Disney movie!

Vanessa playing Ping Pong with her dad.

Vanessa did enjoy the day very much.

Sophie and her 'treat' in a purple pumpkin.

DC fans with their decorations.

Princess area.

Adult size skeleton figure in the cubicle!

Much more but it seem I enjoy exploring and miss out lots of photo.

CH5,6,7 - Chandler

October 2017

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