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West Fork Trail of Oak Creek Canyon

I had make a good decision to arrive very early to West Fork trail head entrance around 7AM, and I am the third car in the queue waiting to enter the car park which opened at 8AM. The ranger arrived timely and after paying for 10 USD for entrance per car, I did my packing and ready to walk the trail.

The West Fork Trail of Oak Creek Canyon is a 8 Miles round trip trail trail crosses the creek numerous times, and yeah you for sure to get your feet wet hence you should equipped yourself with proper hiking shoes. It has been called one of the best trails in Coconino National Forest and one of the top ten trails in the United States. Enchanted for being in a dense forest surrounded charming wildflowers, and ultimately ending up in the canyon wall close in on you and there’s nowhere else to go without getting your feet wet. I am lucky to be in time to visit this trail during Fall season, when additional bonus of the amazing maple leaves in numerous Fall color make it truly a memorable walk for me.

Almost 8 hours of very relax and tranquilize journey rejuvenate me after busy working schedule, I am glad I did this trail! Thanks Ming Chiat for the recommendation!

The entrance to West Fork trail car park.

The queue that start to build up after my arrival, phew!

It seem there might be snake as well, even in water.

Overall trail information for Call of the Canyon.

Entrance to the trail, passing by a bridge.

First creek that I passed by, the only one without having my feet wet.

The reddish canyon wall.

Looks like a small museum but I did not enter it.

The start of West Fork trail.

You will walking along these reddish canyon walls along the day.

And passing through quite some creeks which might get your feet wet.

Good for a healthy family outing.

Suitable trail for elders as well.

Well maintained trail.

Thanks to all these trees, that help to provide shade to block fiery sunlight.

Beautiful red maple leaves with lens flare.

Zoom in of the hanging maple leaves.

Passing another small creek.

Tranquilize - That's what make me feel to walk this trail in a very breeze morning.

A gentle showing of love.

Fallen leaves.

Selfie on the trail.

Colorful surrounding.

Passing yet another creek, if I remember correctly you will have to pass by around 13 creeks until you reach the end of the trail.

Elder observe the surrounding by the creek.

Visitors walking along the trail.

Basically the trail are set in between canyon walls like this.

The yellow leaves region.

Yellow leaves with canyon wall.

Frankly, you need the sunlight to reflect the true beauty of variety colors here.

Truly gorgeous golden leaves.

Walking into paradise.

Beautiful reddish canyon wall.

This rock looks like palm with two fingers up.

Combination of yellow and red.

The final ascend before reaching the end point of the trail.

Finally, near to the maintained trail end.

The maintained trail ends at this point.

A photo before making our way back to the entrance.

Meet a new friend while on the trail, Thoshith.

In fact it is not the end of the trail yet, but you need to soak your feet into water in order to continue from this point onward.

Sun rise higher now and you can enjoy the true colorful of the trail with the strong sunlight.

The return walk to car park was the highlight of the trail.

Thoshith found this spot full of red leaves, which off route for around 20 meters.

Amazing smile of the nature!

Great finding from Thoshith!

Deciduous tree by the canyon wall.

Go for challenging route that required to pass the creek using this small trunk.

Random colorful view.

Fairy tale yellow space.

Endless view like this on the way back, truly satisfying!

Love the lens flare effect over the fully reddish maple leaves.

Cute bulldog on the trail!

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West Fork Trail - USA

October 2017

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