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First Official NBA Game

As a basketball and NBA fan, it seem like it still lack of something by only experiencing the pre-season game instead of an official season game, hence I am making myself some time after work to attend Suns 4th game of the season, HOME against Sacramento Kings. This round I parked my car opposite of the stadium at Jefferson and walk over using the pedestrian bridge. I did not buy the ticket online as I would like to keep a hard copy ticket as a souvenir, and this round I purchase a lower level seat at 48.75 USD.

The game already started around 5 minutes in the first quarter when I grab my seat, and the Sun are running riot with extremely huge lead already! The view are much better compare my previous visit, and the crowd are way more than the pre-season game. Both team are playing quite well in the first half, and the King slowly catching up the score. First half: Suns 59 VS King 51.

Suns leading by 13 - 2 in the first 5 minutes of game!

Sexy cheer leaders dance performance during first quarter timeout call.

Ulis miss the first half buzzer beater after bucket score by Fox.

Suns with huge lead into second quarter game.

Salute to Vince Carter, the legend that going to retire after this season.

Huge block from Labissière on Booker!

Dance performance from group of Big Daddy!

Chriss protect the rim on final moment of the first half to prevent the bucket from Hill.

I visited the Suns store during half time break as they giving 40% of discounts store wide as a fan manage to hit all there shots from close range, free throw, and 3 pointers. I pick up some Suns shirts and patiently waited in the queue for payment, just to be informed that the offer only valid for hat only. End up, I give up the shirt as it was quite costly without the discount.

Both team display a good game until the very last minute of it, when only one basket separate the both team. It was an exciting close game, after one and another crucial basket made by both team in the final few minutes. The sequence make everyone so intense and stand up to enjoy the game, it was truly some real experience to watch it LIVE! With less than 10 seconds to go and Suns leading by two, King have the ball and Temple dribble it to the 3 point line and make shoot a final shot of the game, and he miss it. This mark the first win of the season for Phoenix Suns, and the stadium went hype!

Spending half time break in the Suns official store.

The score getting tighter in third quarter.

Big bucket from Ulis to end the third quarter!

Here we go, we are now entering fourth quarter of the game, with Suns leading by 11.

Hard core Suns fan on the floor, wearing full orange costume and with loudest cheers.

If you are lucky, you will be getting a free Suns T-shirt from this shirt toss event!

King still making effort to even the game, down by 9 with 4 minutes to go.

Nice pump fake and three point basket by James.

Nice team play from King!

Booker with a huge three point bucket to make it 5 points lead for Suns, one and a half minute to go.

Fox even the game with a layup, and a steal that almost make King to lead the game, great hustle defense play by the Suns here to make it a jump ball. What a sequence!

Suns with the jump ball, Booker dribble and pass the ball to James for a spectacular left hand layup over the board. He score the bucket and the crowd went crazy!

The hype keep everyone on their feet to enjoy the atmosphere.

Temple miss the final shot of the game, and that's it, Suns win their first game for 2017 NBA season! Great job!

Thanks to both teams for displaying a highly competitive and entertaining game tonight!

Great decision to make it this far after hectic works for the game, for sure.

Next home game, against Utah Jazz.

Getting closer to the court.

Final score, Suns 117, King 115.

Some of lucky folks get to photo shoot together with these sexy cheer leaders team.

Say cheese!

I still enjoy walking around when almost everyone have exit the stadium.

I wander around the stadium after the game and discover Tom Chamber being interviewed outside the stadium live on FOX TV, and I did make myself some appearance on it as well! Fully satisfied my dream to be a live NBA game!

Hi Tom Chamber!

Interviewed by FOX TV, live on air!

Huge basketball outside of the Arena.

I am one of many fans there that try to squeeze our self into the LIVE FOX TV frame!


Talking Stick Resort Arena - USA

October 2017

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