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Good Morning Hoodoos!

Limited time for me to plan for sunrise plan tomorrow, hence I decide to go for most highly recommended spot, Bryce Point to enjoy the first ray of sunlight in Bryce Canyon. It was damn cold in the morning, and there was only few people came here earlier than us. However there are more group of people came over later on and suddenly the small observatory deck become damn crowded. We quickly fit our self into a good spot while waiting for the sunrise, and I am glad we make it this early to see the sunlight slowly brighten up the hoodoos on the amphitheater. It was truly impressive.

Great freezing morning in Bryce Point.

The famous amphitheater.

The first ray of sunlight of the day.

Moment when the ray slowly light up the amphitheater.

Here come the sun!

Rare flower in the desert.

It was a magnificent show by the world of nature.

Bryce Canyon was one of the smallest national park in USA, and from my information gathering earlier, the road all over to the deepest area of the park was only 17 miles all the way from the visitor center. Hence I suggest to Beng Hooi to complete the overview sight seeing across multiple view point through the park by car first before we go for breakfast. Almost all of these view point are just few steps away from respective car park, with Inspiration Point an exception which required some uphill walk to reach the view point. Even by just adopting this hit and run strategy along the main road, it was nearly 11 AM already when we done with the plan, hence we check out the hotel first before heading for our lunch instead.

Quick drive from Bryce Point, here we are in Paria View.

Beautiful reddish hoodoos among the area.

Paria View - elevation of 8175 feet.

Inspiration Point - elevation of 8100 feet.

Closer view of the majestic amphitheater.

The color of the hoodoos under the sun ray was unreal.

Only if I manage to walk myself to this spot for night photography, it will awesome for sure!

Get closer to the edge man!

Will share the close encounter into these hoodoos later.

Can't help myself to keep wondering how in the world these landscape was shaped.

Great bird-eye viewpoint to enjoy the most out of Bryce Canyon.

Last peek before moving on the road trip.

Valley view from Black Birch Canyon.

Scenic overlook on south canyon view.

Black Birch Canyon - elevation of 8750 feet.

View point from Agua Canyon.

Agua Canyon - with elevation of 8800 feet.

The hammer like structure here in Agua Canyon.

Natural Bridge - with elevation of 8627 feet.

This is how the view point was named after.

This is just how close the view point from where I park my car.

View from Farview Point, the spot where I was a night earlier for night photography.

View from Piracy Point, which required minor walk from Farview Point car park.

The exact same spot that I took my fake 'meteor' photo!

The exact same spot where I took my night photography via Swamp Canyon.

Our hotel room, you just park your car few step away from it.

The office of Bryce View Lodge.

Seem like we are the last customer for the season!

Bryce Canyon - USA

October 2017

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