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Happy Halloween!

Halloween night was here! We really want to experience how the western folks celebrating Halloween hence Casey brought us over to Mill Avenue via Tempe for that. To really adopt the festival, we sneak out to Part City via Ahwatukee during our lunch time to search for our favorite costume. After very long consideration with loads of choices, I finally get myself costume of Marvel Star-Lord, coming with coat, glove, and mask. Too bad they don't have his gun else it will be a complete set!

Back in Malaysia on Halloween event that I experience before, what I can see was the organizer try very hard to have a very happening event, but there were not too much spark to influence the audience. But here at Mill Avenue which is close to University, the environment was superb with almost everyone dress up spectacularly and participate to make it so happening! Our itinerary of the night was basically walking around with our costumes and taking photo and greeting every one on the street, and of course pub hopping for some drinks and music!

Short but memorable night!

Peter Quill a.k.a Star-Lord!

The Ghostface in Scream movie series!

Seriously, I am not sure what the heck that purple hair creature was~

Ghostface and unidentified Japanese girl which end up to be from China.

Everyone love the Ghostface a lot!

Here comes the big bad wolf and gang!

Very cute cartoon character, but I unable to recognize him/her.

Ghostface, Wonder Woman, Star-Lord, and Jesus!

Crossover between Marvel and DC!

The Ghostface even sucks milks of the cow after the photo! Nice try!

Very crowded and crazy street of Mill Avenue!

Mill Avenue - USA

October 2017

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