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Forrest Gump Point

Just everyone thought that it is going to be a long drive to go, I suddenly just stop my car at the road side after just around 15 minutes of drive and everyone still in doubt what am I try to do with the random stop. I just ask all of them to get down from the car, and turn around to look back at the direction of the valley where we came from, here you go the famous Forrest Gump Point!

If you are fans of Forrest Gump movie, then you for sure will recognize this famous spot, where Forrest Gump himself starring Tom Hanks which stopped here after continuously running for three years, two months, fourteen days, and sixteen hours. The scene was so memorizing with the spectacular view of the valley, and I couldn't believe that I was here now! To add on, I am loving one of the quote in the movie at this moment, "You got to put the past behind you before you can move on".

Please do ensure your safety when try to snap photo from the middle of the road. Toward the direction of the valley, you can safely see if transport are heading your way as it is a very straight road, but from another end, it is kinda steep and you may only realize vehicles when they approaching near. Safety first!

Here I am, standing on the spot where Forrest Gump end his run.

EL posing via Forrest Gump Point.

SP running via Forrest Gump Point.

BH only manage to walk via Forrest Gump Point.

The side view from the space on the road side.

"You got to put the past behind you before you can move on".

GIF of me running on the empty street in Forrest Gump Point.

The still from the movie, what a classic scene.

Side Story:

While continue the drive towards Moab, I might be feeling sleepy and numb while driving through city of Blanding not to realize the on speed limit in town, hence just a while out from the town area I suddenly realize a police car was following me tightly which give me no option but to stop my car on the roadside. The policeman was very strict in telling me my mistake, and I have no chance to get away from getting a ticket for that. As I keep on admitting on my mistake and he can feel that I am not intended to do so, he cut the ticket amount down to 450 USD, and I have to just accept it, painful mistake!

The settling was done by cash, and I am glad the folks did help to cover big portion of the charges or else I am totally run out of any cash! Thanks buddies! Truly huge lesson for me.

Great lesson from Mr. Clayton Most, and it is extremely expensive!

Forrest Gump Point - USA

November 2017

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