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The Windows Section

So far all the viewpoint was reachable directly by car, so basically we did not walk much until the Windows Section here. In order to reach at least the North Window, we need to walk the Windows trail for a bit (round trip of 0.7 Miles). From the car park, we can already see North Window and know what to expect in this viewpoint, but we only realize how gorgeous it is when we truly face to face with it. It was a spectacular frame like hole, with absolute blue sky back ground, it was just amazing!

Original plan was to cover at least both North & South Window, as well as Turret Arch but we are truly amazed with this huge "window" and spend all the allocated time just here, taking photo and just relax. A must see in Arches National Park for sure, highly recommended!

Can slightly see the 'Window' when walking the trail.

The Turrent Arch zone.

Walking on stairs with minor elevation to reach North Window.

It is much bigger than what I expected when moving closer.

SP with the North Window.

EL with the North Window.

BH with the North Window.

Me with the North Window.

Simply amazing!

Ain't this a natural photo frame?

EL close up with North Window.

SP close up with North Window.

BH close up with North Window.

Me close up with North Window.

The gang with half size shadow of North Window.

Zoom out version with the surrounding.

SP and EL with the North Window.

Saying bye to North Window, till we meet again!

Good that the gang still energetic, let's heads over to final destination of the day!

The Windows Section - USA

November 2017

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