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Delicate Arch

Dusk approaching soon, but the day trip in Arches National Park would not complete without a visit to the most iconic arch in Utah, the magical Delicate Arch. From the car park, it will take a round trip hike around 5 KM to reach the highlight of the park. The beginning part of the trail was an easy stepping, but slowly it ascend into a steep uphill platform. Although it is steep but there is lots of grip on the platform which help a lot to prevent hiker to fall down during the hike. The sun moving slowly, closer and closer to horizon mean the sunset not going to last much longer, hence I decided to rush over to the arch first to try my luck if I can get a good view of it along the sunset.

The detail of Delicate Arch trail.

Do ensure you read carefully before beginning your hike. Be prepared.

Here we go! To Delicate Arch!

Wefie with our shadow.

Hiking effort is needed from this point onward.

Best way to wefie, when there is sun.

Suddenly this guy getting so energetic to run all the way up these steep trail.

The girls enjoy slow hike, no rush.

Winner of the day!

Sunset gonna over pretty soon.

Twilight approaching after the sun went down the horizon.

However, it was much like a flat platform along the way after the steep hike earlier, after not much of run I can finally see the arch from far away, but before you able to get close with it, you have to walk along a cliff with a twisted shape and it is quite narrow! Too bad the rest of the folks did not manage to see the arch closely due to the narrow path, but I did helped them to capture some photo with adjusted angle to squeeze them into the frame with this magical arch. At last, I did not make it on time for the sunset view, but yet I am super satisfy with a visit here to enjoy this amazing wonder of the nature!

The night in November was pretty chilling, do ensure you bring enough layer with you for this hike especially during the sunset. It was already all dark when we reach the car park.

First peek on the magical Delicate Arch!

Better angle to clearly see the shape of the arch.

Who is the architect of this structure? Nature or alien?

Too late for the sunset, but this is still a perfect view for me.

Thanks for the photo, fellow hiker!

The ground is pretty narrow hence a good sport shoes is a must to reach Delicate Arch.

Everyone busy snap photos with Delicate Arch for each other.

Saw the three tiny person down there? My gang try to get up to the arch using this path but no trail was available.

Single pole of the arch.

Different perspective of this magical arch.

No worry pals, you guys still can take a photo together with Delicate Arch this way!

Other than Delicate Arch, this twister shape surrounding amaze me as well on how it was formed.

The nature never stop amaze me wherever I go.

So near, yet so far for them, but at least they tried.

Is time to walk our way back now.

Till we meet again, Delicate Arch!

Taking the same narrow path back. Remarks: It seem the actual trail to Delicate Arch was to use the trail to the right of these rock, and it seem quite flat and safe to walk.

Jump jump jump!

The last ray of twilight on the arch.

BH with Delicate Arch.

EL with Delicate Arch.

SP with Delicate Arch.

RELIVE - Delicate Arch Trail

Spacious room via Comfort Suites Moab.

Delicate Arch - USA

November 2017

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