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Sunrise at Mesa Arch

It was a tiring night and everyone sleep soundly immediately after dinner, hence I start to worry that we will have to skip my early plan on the next day morning, which required the team to depart before 6 AM. However, I am so surprise when everyone already start to wake up and wash up since 4:30 AM to make sure the plan able to execute successfully, so thankful to them!

The good thing about drive in early to National Park in USA, is the ranger wasn't there yet to collect entrance fees hence we just drive in straight into the park, towards Mesa Arch which is in my plan to witness the magical sunrise here. The sky was still dark and the temperature was freezing, but there was already bunch of cars there. The Mesa Arch Trail was just a short one, which is just around half mile one way and it was fairly easy hike. Different with Delicate Arch which was much bigger than what I expected, Mesa Arch is totally the opposite, much smaller than what I thought it is. It was easy to guess that everyone are here so early for the same agenda, hence many nice spot to setup tripod was already occupied hence without much hesitation I quickly squeeze a space for myself too, and I was so grateful with my Sony 10-18mm f/4 OSS wide lense that I can capture the most of the arch without the crowds, it was just awesome!

Everyone did also each of their homework on the exact time the sun will pop out from the horizon, and you just have to be amaze with those research, as the first ray of sunrise was exactly the time the prediction was! Everyone start to click their shutter continuously and it was merely few minutes before the sun become over shine. It maybe was just few minutes, but these was the moment when all the wait under freezing coldness early morning is worth after all. Simply the best sunrise of my life by far, truly magical!

The moment almost here.

Minor sunlight is here.

Here come the sun!

Lovely flare!

The flare getting stronger.

The ray getting sharp and sharper.

Try to reduce the sharpness of the flare.

Strongest ray from the sun!

Readjust the angle, for the best ray for the sunrise!

Although it just last for few minutes, but no doubt the experience was priceless!

Good morning sunshine!

EL with the sunrise.

SP with the sunrise.

BH with the sunrise, it must be comfort for him to laying that way!

What a lovely morning.

Shoefie with my Merrell!

Getting warmer now, so SP took off some layer.

BH feel the warm as well, took off his jacket.

Of course for myself, stay only with my sleeveless dry fit shirt.

The sun light is over bright by now.

Mesa Arch and its surrounding.

Not to forget, welcome to Canyonlands National Park!

Here you go, the arch is smaller than what I imagine.

Shadow wefie!

Still manage to see the reddish arch from some distance away.

Just a short half mile walk over to Mesa Arch from its car park area.

Mesa Arch - USA

November 2017

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