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Island in the Sky

Canyonlands National Park was a wilderness of countless canyons and fantastically formed buttes carved by the Colorado River and its tributaries. This is extremely huge park is now covering area of 337,598 acres (Imagine that whole Penang Island + Mainland was only 259,000 acres) after 1971 with the addition of the Horseshoe Canyon annex. Rivers divide the park into four districts: Island in the Sky, The Needles, The Maze, and the rivers themselves. Island in the Sky is basically the most accessible district of the park, and Mesa Arch is in the district already somehow. Hence, our plan was to only covering the most of out of Island in the Sky district before back to Chandler in late afternoon.

The gang at Orange Cliffs Overlook.

Me enjoying the view at Orange Cliffs Overlook.

The gang still crave for some trail walk, hence I decided to continue our journey to Grand View Point. There is a 2 Miles round trip trail walk offering a spectacular view of the Canyonlands area which consists of distant mountains, canyons, basins, and the White Rim Road, until you reach the southernmost point of the district. There is a lot of scary cliff edge along the trail which is good for some extreme photo, but of course we are really careful with it. Since we are not in rush anymore, hence we spend almost 2 relax hours here.

Introduction to Grand View Point Overlook.

Challenging the edge via the viewpoint zone.

SP prefer to sit at enjoy the view from safe distance away from the edge.

Overcome the fear and challenge further!

I might looked steady, but instead a lot of thoughts running through my mind as well when attempting this. Seriously, only try if you can keep yourself steady and always safety first!

BH with his maximum guts level to attempt this, kudos!

Continue our trekking towards the southernmost point of Island in the Sky.

Creative way of snapping photo with all of us in!

EL via Grand View Point Overlook.

The gank with the view of the Monument Basin on the background.

Help please, I am falling down! XD

Trekking along the edge, this is why this district called Island in the Sky.

Another view on the Monument Basin, which looked like a cracking ground that went through terrific impact.

Oops, the gang was waiting for me.

The stacking stone.

Floating rock, on the edge again.

BH via southernmost point of Island in the Sky.

Me via southernmost point of Island in the Sky.

Otherworldly landscape.

The Junction Butte.

EL and SP enjoy the relax trekking as well as the endless view of surrounding.

It was so huge that you can't even see the edge of these spectacular landscape.

Is time to move back to the car.

Back to the starting point of Grand View Point.

The raven.

We then moving over to Upheaval Dome and only realize that it was another hike when we reach the car park area. Energy still permit, hence we agree to make it only to first view point toward the crater. Upheaval Dome is an impact structure, the deeply eroded bottom-most remnants of an impact crater. It was still a big mysteries on how this unique geological structure was formed, whether it was an instantaneous meteorite impact, or a slow-moving salt dome?

It looked interesting to complete the whole Syncline Loop Trail here, maybe next time.

Target, the First Overlook.

Trail difficulty, between easy and medium I supposed.

The core of Upheaval Dome.

Still a mystery on how this geological structure was formed.

Rarely manage to find someone to help snap photo for us!

Thanks for the funny senior couple!

Heading back towards the car park area.

Since time still permit, we turn into another junction to Green River Overlook, which offering stunning landscape consists of massive canyons, the White Rim Road, as well as Green River that flowing between these canyons. This view point was only few steps away from its car park hence it seem to be a must to be included into your itinerary here in Island in the Sky, even if you only have limited time to explore.

The sun light was so strong that the ladies need umbrella now.

Spectacular view from Green River Overlook.

Introduction to Green River Overlook.

Zoom in view, you can see green river flowing in between the basin.

Trunk that looked like a giant bird head.

EL with her creativity.

BH with his creativity.

SP with her creativity.

Quick stop here by myself just to have a peek on the road towards White Rim Trail from Island in the Sky.

I remember I asked the ranger on duty in visitor center, on how long it takes to complete cycling route on White Rim trail, and he told me about 3 days trip with 4WD! XD

Free window on the road back to Chandler, Wilson's Arch.

Only shadow remain via Forrest Gump Point.

Amazing dusk view on the sandstone formation.

Island in the Sky - USA

November 2017

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