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Fisherman's Wharf

Welcome to San Francisco! I did my homework to study around for a cheapest possible accommodation in a central area, and end up choosing Urban Hotel with is just 5 minutes walk away from Montgomery Street Station, and very close to down town area. Transportation perspective, I took a one way BART ticket all the way from the airport for 8.95 USD, and it took me just around 20 minutes to reach San Francisco down town, very convenience! The only mistake here from my study was the 5 minutes walk towards the hotel was a steep uphill road, and I have 2 big luggage and a duffel bag to carry with me along the way. Well, good workout to start my day here in San Francisco!

Bringing those treasures along for half KM uphill walk was no joke!

Perfect location, affordable price, and clean share bath room, well recommended budget hotel to stay via San Francisco.

After a good shower in the share rest room, which was very clean, I decide to walk myself all the way from the hotel to the famous Fisherman Wharf area, north of the down town zone. The distance was around 1.5 Miles hence I decided to just walk with my feet instead, by going through Grant Avenue, a.k.a Chinatown of San Francisco. The Chinatown area was almost half a miles long with lots of shops and restaurants, and it make you feel like you are in places like old Hong Kong as they speak very good Cantonese as well!

Triton Hotel.

Entrance to Chinatown, Dragon's Gate.

Old St Mary's Cathedral.

Its a long walk, let's fill the stomach first.

The Snow Garden restaurant, average pricing and its quite delicious.

It make me forgot that I was actually at USA.

Crossing Columbus Avenue and walk pass Washington Square while on my way to the piers, I realize I was at Lombard Street, the famous street which best known as crookedest street in the world! Not sure where the exact location on the street, I looked up left and right and seem like that section was on far left side of the road. I don't mind extra walks for sight seeing, hence spend some time walk uphill to pay a visit to this absolutely unique place. It appear that the street was located on residential area, and almost all cars that passing through the road was visitors that having fun slides through this street.

Transamerica Pyramid on the background.

Saints Peter and Paul Church.

Coit Tower, skip this and go for Lombard Street.

The carving on the church.

Walking uphill for the crookedest street in the world.

Simple photo to illustrate how steep these uphill road was!

The famous Lombard Street!

Walking all the way from the street far down there close to Coit Tower.

Cute car touring on the street as well!

You are right, none of these cars was residents!

Saw a bike rental shop when I am almost there at the pier area, and suddenly an idea pop up on the plan next day. His shop was little bit far from my hotel, hence he recommend me to get over to his sister shop which is close to Union Square. Just a bit more walk and here I at the Fisherman Wharf and the pier area, it was super busy and crowded with lots of tourists! There was roughly around 45 piers along the coast, and with limited time I just went over to the most recommended pier 39 for a quick visit without much expectation. Surprisingly what waiting for me here was countless sea lions resting on the wood platform! They are extremely noisy, and it was so funny to see how lazy they are just sleeping on the platform, while some of them keep on pushing each other down to the water to free up more space for more comfort rest perhaps.

Not a bad idea right to rent a bike to explore San Francisco?

The Alcatraz Island.

Massive counts of sea lions!

Be like sea lions, why care about Monday blues?

Sea Lions via Pier 39.

Night approaching at the pier, is time to walk myself back to hotel area.

They say you must try the clam chowder when you are here.

Cable car via Powell Street.

Walk all the way back to the down town area, and visit Union Square to experience the luxury shopping district, the crowd and a huge Christmas tree as Christmas are just few weeks away!

Strip club on the street.

Gorgeous heritage building known as Cafe Zoetrope.

Love the mixture of nature and the modern world.

The luxury shopping district close to Market Street.

Merry Christmas!

Macy's, the long standing department store just next to Union Square.

Is time for a good night rest before burning more carbs tomorrow!

Fisherman's Wharf - USA

November 2017

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