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The Bay Area Exploration with Bike

The walk to Union Square was a short one, quite relaxing after having complimentary coffee and snacks from the hotel. I talked to the shop keeper that I was introduce by the guy from pier to rent a bike from him here, and immediately he offer me discount rate, 25 USD for a one day rent of a Giant bike. This is how I going to explore the Bay Area today!

Get ready to go!

The handsome guy working on the stall via Union Square.

Snap a photo before departing!

Delighting green at Great Meadow Park.

Another bicycle rental stall at Fort Mason, that guy who recommend me to rent bike from Union Square on duty here today, what a small world!

A visit to San Francisco won't be complete without a visit towards the most fragile bridge in the Hollywood movie, the Golden Gate Bridge. From Union Square, I ride all the way north to Fisherman's Wharf and go west from there towards the direction of the bridge. Along the bay here, there is lots of viewpoint that you can see the bridge clearly, hence I did stop down for quite some occasion to snap some photo. San Francisco was such a great city for cyclist as the cycling trail was well planned and span across the city, even along the beach!

Golden Gate Bridge from Crissy Field East Beach.

It was a windy day by the beach.

Met you finally.

Taken from so call Golden Gate Post Card Viewpoint.

The trail lead to a slight uphill route after the beach area, and it lead to an area with even better and closer view towards the magnificent bridge! Be careful when cycling in this area as there are lots of walking tourists that share the same lane as the biker, until you go all the way under the bridge towards the west side of the trail, only for riders to cross the bridge. Pedestrian visit will be on the east trail, but still you need to keep an eyes on your bike as it is two way sharing for cyclist, so watch out.

Exciting to get on the bridge now!

Bicycle lane was separate from driving lane by steel fence, hence it is pretty safe riding here.

But beware the rider from opposite direction, it was a 2 way cycling trail.

A look towards Marin Headlands region.

Photo on this iconic bridge!

Not an expert on selfie, this is the best one I can get.

Continue my ride to cross the bridge.

The south tower of the bridge.

Close up view on the tower.

Cross the bridge safely!

Continue to go uphill after pass the bridge to have a different perspective view on the bridge again from Battery Spencer and Golden Gate Bridge Viewpoint. Both location offer a really good view on it, and it was a great workout for cyclist on the elevation gain to get here, but it was all worth it. The road will continue to lead you to great Pacific Ocean, but my plan of the day was on the other end. Going down hill and continue my ride passing a beautiful Marin County of Sausalito, which I plan to stop over only during the return journey. For now, I am heading over to Mill Valley.

View from Battery Spencer.

Failed to get these peoples off from the frame.

Finally, thanks random stranger for the photo!

The climb by far to Battery Spencer.

View from Golden Gate Bridge Viewpoint.

My favorite photo took with the most photographed bridge in the world.

Another perspective of the bridge from Moore Road Pier.

Many people fishing on this pier.

A stretch limousine, perhaps a celebrity or maybe everyone here afford to have one?

Entering Sausalito area.

Sausalito and Richrdson Bay.

Following the cycling trail that is totally separated from busy motor vehicles road, I am manage to reach Mill Valley safely. It was a quiet residential small town which is so beautiful, and I am super exciting that the falls color are at its prime here even it was almost the end of November! Almost every house and corner of the town are full of colorful trees which is so amazing! I cycling all over to Old Mill Park which recommended by guy who owns the bike rental stall, that offer free access to great Muir woods formation around the area. There are quite a numbers houses that reside in the middle of these Muir woods, which from many perspective of view, looks like a place from random fairy tales story.

Well maintain cycling trail which only meant for cyclist, all the way to Mill Valley.

Beautiful fall colors everywhere!

Very photogenic tree just front of U.S Bank in Mill Valley.

Daddy crossing finishing line with his two daughters, congratulation!

Giant Muir trees formation in the park.

Very refreshing scenery in the park.

Fairy tales like house surrounded by these giant trees.

Do you want to stay here in this community?

House of the day!

Random scenery in Mill Valley.

Left path is the road to Muir Woods National Monument, one of the reason I give up....

Time check and it seem quite late to go all the way over to Muir Woods National Monument Park which required entrance fees, hence I decided to skip it and have a relax moment on this beautiful town. I park and lock my bike on designated parking in front of Equator Coffees and start to wander around the nearby area. I don't have clear expectation on what to do wandering around, but very naturally I am attracted by the colorful trees again all over the area. I am truly glad to witness the peacefulness of this community as well as the beautiful maple leaves that scattered on the ground. This is truly a super great residential area which I wish I own a home here!

Park my bike at the front of Equator Coffee.

Mill Valley’s historic downtown clock.

Once again, the beautiful yellow tree.

Secret location for absolutely amazing fall colors!

Imagine staying in these houses, where you get to enjoy these scenery first thing you get out from the house!

The color of the RED here is unreal!

Perfect combination against the blue sky!

Random encounter by random walk around, life never meant to stay at one single place.

By the way, this is Lovell Avenue in Mill Valley.

Bye for now, lovely Mill Valley!

On the way back, I stopped by Le Garage via Sausalito to have my late lunch break, while amazed by the counts of yacht here in the area! As you walked along the wooden bridge, you can see countless yacht surrounding you all over until the edge. At this point my leg start to feel fatigue but I still try my best to do the climb to Golden Gate Bridge Viewpoint once again, to catch the sunset there. Manage to reach the spot on time but the sun is covered by thick fog hence it was lesser dramatic, but yet it was beautiful.

Distance wasn't an issue to make sure I am able to reach Union Square before 6:30 PM, but I underestimate how steep the straight road might be here, hence I have to keep doing zigzag along the way to find flatter route. Dramatically, I manage to reach the spot just 5 minutes before they are closing, thanks god else I will gonna get charge for additional 25 USD!

Helicopter ride anyone?

Lunch break by the pier.

Late lunch here at Le Garage, Sausalito.

Delicious Mussels Blanche!

How many yachts here in the photo?

Probably every family in Sausalito own at least one private yacht.

My Giant bike and these massive yachts formation.

Hamburgers, famous cafe for flame-broiled burger, but I am too full to try.

Back to my favorite spot!

Too bad the thick fog limit the sunset scenery, but still it was a breeze.

The sky getting darker by then, probably around 5 PM at that time.

Giant vessel!

The tower at the dawn.

Iconic post card view at night.

Amazing lighting via Palace Of Fine Arts.

Don't believe the distance in San Francisco downtown, it may be short in distance, but the steep level was awful.

The Bay Area - USA

November 2017

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