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Art Gallery Hopping

It was fog and raining cats and dogs during my visit to the west coast of the metropolis city, after study a bit on the surrounding hence I guess the best option is to have some indoor activity and De Young Museum seem the best option, therefore I call a UBER to pick me up while stuck in front of a random house shelter from the heavy rain. 28 USD for General Admission to the museum include Teotihuacan Exhibition, and the same ticket can be used to enter Legion of Honor as well, at least my second half of the day activity was some how finalized!

I am not really art type of person hence the things that draw my attention was mostly the ancient artifact which include those displayed in Teotihuacan Exhibition, but still the portion I love most was the painting artwork in the museum.

Under shelter waiting for UBER to pick me up.

Ticket counter in De Young Museum.

At the main lobby of the museum.

The Land by Gottardo Piazzoni, 1932.

Maya sun god.

Ancient Maya artifacts.

Sitting figure by Kwakwaka'wakw artist.

Creepy mask....

Beat in Shamanic Transformation.

Not sure where I saw this before, cant recall....

Well, a bowl of fruits....

Why are you staring at me, man?

3D illusion artwork.

Stamp like artwork.

So afraid she will suddenly open her eyes, when i look at it closer. This one looks so real!

I really can't understand this one. :P

This one looked creepy too.

Colorful, but still I can't figure out this piece of art.

This one remind me of mum sew blanket that build up using different unwanted clothes!

Entering Teotihuacan zone.

People in the exhibition.

Beautiful Teotihuacan fresco painting.

Incensario incense burner.

Teotihuacan Skull.

Fresco fragment of bird with shield and spear.

Those statue looks like alien.

Teotihuacan Sun Pyramid zone.

Various artworks gallery on the second floor of the museum.

Mother Earth, 1912.

The Blue Veil, 1898.

Tulip Culture, 1889.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Wyoming, 1906.

Grand Canyon with Rainbow, 1912.

Rainy Seasons in the Tropics, 1866.

Scene in the Artic, 1880.

Gallery hall full of magnificent painting artworks.

Cinderella dress perhaps.

Looks exactly like real grapes.

From one hall to another one.

Petroglyph sandstone.

Massive amounts of ancient artifacts display in this hall.

View over to California Academy of Sciences from Hamon Observation Tower.

Super details and huge map depicts most part of San Francisco city.

Legion of Honor was 2.9 Miles away from De Young Museum and since the weather was pretty unstable hence I travel over using UBER again, this is also my experience on UBER car pool that share loads with other people that was going to same direction, it was such an great idea! There was also special event held at Legion of Honor as well which was crossover exhibition of Klimt and Rodin, with only additional 15 USD. Hence as total for both Museum with inclusive of its special exhibition, it cost me 43 USD which was quite acceptable in my opinion seeing how well the environment was. Most of the display was painting artworks here, but perhaps I was having too much of it earlier hence I just briefly go through each of them quickly. However, the Mummy Exhibition was impressive which the museum did display two real mummies which looks creepy! For the special exhibition, Klimt was a famous artist famous for his painting artworks, while Rodin was legendary sculptor.

Although I am not really into arts, but the visit was quite interesting and fruitful!

Entrance to Legion of Honor.

The Presentation of the Virgin, 1650.

Impressive carving skill.

Gallery hall in Legion of Honor.

Mummy casket.

The real mummy!

The surface seem still wet, so creepy!

Different gallery hall separated to each other only by a door.

Even the museum is pet friendly! I am very impressive!

Of course it is wheelchair friendly as well!

Fruit and Game, 1640-1650.

Emm, a pig head?

Marie-Anne Carolus-Duran, 1874.

Staring at one of the best artwork I like in Legion of Honor.

The Russian Bride's Attire by Konstantin Makovsky, 1887. This is the painting I like the most throughout the visit here, and bride not seem to look happy right?

Portrait of Johanna Staude, 1918.

An unfinished artwork from Klimt was in the exhibition as well.

Klimt landscape artworks.

Seem like most popular artwork from Klimt in the exhibition, The Maiden, 1913.

The Kiss by Rodin.

The Three Shades, 1898 by Rodin. This one was quite impressive to look at.

Both USA and France flag was inside Rodin Gallery. Rodin was a Frenchmen.

Nudity sketch by Klimt.

Another look on The Three Shades sculpture.

Portrait of Sonja Knips by Klimt, 1889. From my sense of art, this was the best artwork exhibition display by Klimt.

The entrance of Legion of Honor, looks like a mini Louvre concept.

The Thinker by Rodin.

The Cid statue just outside of Legion of Honor.

This conclude my art gallery hopping here in San Francisco!

De young museum & legion of honor - USA

November 2017

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