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Golden Gate Bridge

It was still foggy out there when I am out from my visit to Legion of Honor, but I am seeing the weather is getting a little better, at least the rain has already stopped. Finally I am able to do some walks, passing through luxurious residential area, and towards Baker Beach, to have a different perspective view on the iconic landmark of San Francisco again, the Golden Gate Bridge.

Compare to the north beach, Baker Beach was quieter, and not much people were there on the bridge. The wave was strong and some of the instance almost hit me straightly hence not walking close to the water will be ideal here to keep you dry.

Legion of Honor not so far away from Golden Gate Bridge.

View from Eagle Point.

Luxurious residential area of Sea Cliff.

Christmas incoming, everyone start to get ready with the decoration already.

15 Minutes of walk, and here I am at Baker Beach.

Barefoot jog on the beach seem so awesome!

Calm bird against strong wave.

The wave are super huge in certain instance, keep your self on safe distance against it.

The couple walking back after their run earlier.

Oh no, they still keep their run going!

Strong wave here make the scenery even more dramatic.

View back towards Sea Cliff residential area.

Slight reflection from the dawn on the beach.

This guy keep his distance closer and closer towards the bridge.

I can't get closer much more as I am wearing only my sandal here.

Be careful man making your journey to those rocks, and hope he get a great shot there!

The ladder to bring me back to the bus station.

Bye Baker Beach!

Awaiting the driver inside the empty bus for a ride back to down town.

Craving for Japanese food back in town!

Can't recall why I order so much food for a dinner, perhaps I was starving badly at that time.

Dojima Ann, serving great Japanese food here in San Francisco!

Night street on the way back to Urban Hotel.

Baker beach - usa

November 2017

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