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San Francisco's Sunrise

It was only 5 AM the next morning when I wake up, it seem like a knock on my head to get myself go for some sunrise. Luckily I did make some note on those information as well earlier, hence randomly choose a spot which was more convenient to access using Muni train and decided with Corona Height Park. Immediately rush to the train station, drop at Castro station, and run myself up to the top of the hill. I went pass Randall Museum thought it was a short cut but instead the gate was locked, since I don't want to waste any more times, hence I decided to climb over the short gate, no next time I promise! Luckily it was just a short walk afterward to reach almost the top of the hill, not to high, but really good enough if you are trying to catch a sunrise scene. There was a random scene that I recalled when I was there, which I thought I saw a husky wandering on the trail, probably 10-20 meters away from me, until the stare that 'it' gave make me feel slightly creepy. 'It' then did not come closer, and just vanish after a while. Did some study on the region after that, suspected it was a coyote instead. Well, luckily 'it' wasn't try to come up to fight with me!

On top of a hill alone, waiting for the sun to rise.

Suspected coyote, captured using my phone.

Best selfie shot throughout countless try.

The sky scrapper down town area.

Here come the sun!

My VIP seat while waiting for the sunrise.

Sky getting brighter and more and more peoples come to the park, and I try to make it on time for free access to the train again if I am within hour and half, but unfortunately it was due and I have to pay the fare again. I decided to have a good breakfast to enjoy a great morning instead, went to Hearth to have a good Americano and croissant. The cafe was just next to the historic street car station, and seeing few of them pass by, and I change my mind to take a classic car back to downtown area instead, passing through Market Street and all the way to Pier area. Enjoy the breezing morning walk all the way from Pier back to the hotel! Is time to pack and get ready for airport!

Castro district.

My with very simple yet enjoyable breakfast.

Hearth Cafe via Castro district.

Skip this one, it was too modern.

Yeah, prefer this car with classic design instead!

Nice antique interior design!

People on their way to works using the street car.

What are you looking at, cute boy?

Approaching the Main Street stop.

Thanks for the ride, antique street car!

Bicycles are very common transport here even in the down town.

The ferry building.

Very classic split flap board!

Believe you can and you are halfway there - Theodore Roosevelt.

The interior of the ferry building.

There was even a statue of the great Mahatma Gandhi here in San Francisco!

City view from Pier 14.

Crossover of nature and urban city.

The Transamerica Pyramid building.

Corona Heights Park - USA

November 2017

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