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VVIP Flight to Leh

We wake up earlier to get ready with our self before heading to airport as our flight to Leh was early in the morning. Everyone start to layer up them self prior to the flight as it was winter in Leh right now, but I still feel comfort with my single fleece layer, which make me looked like alien among the team. Well, I think warm Costa Coffee from the airport did also help to warm up my body I guess.

The flight from New Delhi to Leh will fly over massive area of Himalayan, and after some high level study I am thinking left window seat will provide the best view for us over these massive range of Himalayan mountain, as the right side will be the sunrise. Well, my guess was right! Once the sunrise from the east, the view on the Himalayan range was so white covered with massive snow, gorgeous, unreal, and border-less coverage! It just looked like countless of Toblerone chocolate on the land! The plane wasn't in full load, it was rather loose, hence 5 of us keep on moving our seats to have a different view all over from the plane. Not even business class flight guarantee these lucks and we are really please with it!

Far east from the plane during early sunrise.

The Everest was on this direction, but too far to be seen with naked eyes.

West side from the plane after the sun shine brightly.

Countless peak throughout these Himalayan Mountain range!

Landed at Leh airport safely.

The plane landed safely and we are welcome by our overall tour arrangement, Zanskar Kaniska Expeditions group with their van pick up to bring us to our accommodation in Leh, Siala Guesthouse. We have some simple nice breakfast with Prata and toast, while Arifah and team helps to clean up our rooms prior to check in. I was so excited and wish to go out immediately for sight seeing, but from safety precaution point of view, we have to take rest while stabilizing and adjusting our self against the high altitude as Leh was around 3400 meters above the sea level. This was important to prevent any high altitude sickness, especially during the major event on the next few days. Well, let's take some rest first!

Dining area via Siala Guesthouse.

Prata with egg.

Was that some art decoration?

Well, in fact it was snowflake freezing on the glass window! Imagine the coldness here.

This one is the real art decoration.

There are few of it scattered all around the guest house.

Walk over to the roof and check out the snow mountain range over there, stunning!

Entrance to our guest house. To go to the dining area we need to step out from the house to another building.

One of our room, time to get some rest.

Leh - India

January 2018

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