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Adjusting to High Altitude

Have a really good rest with nearly zero interruption from my phone, well mainly was due to Internet connection here is rather slow and most of the time not working properly. Having some hot tea to warm up our bodies, and we heading up to the Main Bazaar and its surrounding to further adjusting the altitude.

We came across Public Health Center on our way to Main Bazaar, and went in to have a scan on our blood oxygen level using a pulse oximeter. The result from all of us seem great, probably mean that our bodies are adjusting well after some good rest, but Fabian result was not that good. The doctor on duty asking us to come back again to scan later on after we get some walk around to further get use to the altitude and the thin air here.

First similarities of the dogs here, thick fur!

The road was not that steep, but you can feel the difference when you are at 3400 meters above the sea level.

Public Health Center in Leh.

Take our turns to check our blood oxygen level.

We forget to ask Arifah if there was any highly recommended restaurant here to try, hence we just randomly pick a place by feeling along the Main Bazaar. We decided to have some simple lunch on a Tibetan style restaurant, Kang-La-Chen, which was located on 2nd floor on one of the building. We have to queue for a while as it was quite crowded and the space was limited. We ordered some fried noodles and fried rice for sharing, and I really have to say the best part was the mutton here, tender, soft and super delicious!

We explore further area out from the Main Bazaar, and also getting additional layers to get prepare for our event. I also get some protections for my face and head after experiencing the actual temperature here, it was necessary after all to prevent any unexpected incident. The electricity here wasn't that stable, hence almost all of the coffee shop could not prepare a hot coffee for us, and we have to start get use to it. Good news while we are on our way back to Siala Guesthouse, as Fabian have his test again and seem the adjustment went well and his result was now satisfying as well.

It was freezing cold at night, hence after having our nice Indian curry food with rice, pairing with some Prata, we are off to get some early rest.

Main Bazaar in Leh. This street will end up as our most visited place along this journey.

A mosque on the Main Bazaar.

Main Bazaar main street was only for pedestrian.

Kang-La-Chen restaurant on the second floor.

Patiently waiting for our food.

Cheer up with some hot tea first.

Friend noodles.

Fried rice with absolutely delicious mutton!

Almond and some other nuts was really good and cheap here.

The Leh Buddha Park.

Continue down the street, you able to get any kind of clothing accessories here.

Praying wheels are everywhere in the city.

Big praying wheel just in front of Leh main gate.

The view from the main gate.

Praying flags and stupa scattered all over the city as well.

Leh Palace and Tsemo Maitreya Temple. We need to further adjust our self being try to go that high.

Freezing drain.

Sunset from Siala Guesthouse roof top.

Cute kiddo on the roof top waving hand.

Such a beautiful face!

It getting very cold after the sunset, I better get myself back to indoor now.

Wefie while waiting for our dinner.

Simple yet satisfying dinner!

Hybrid feel uncomfortable, hopefully he will get better with some rest after taking some medicine.

Leh Main Bazaar - India

January 2018

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