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Leh Palace

Wake up after some great rest on this freezing highland, and the first thing that I have in mind was to have some early sunrise scene by walking to small hill nearby, close to Kyigu Drak Gonpa. Fabian was awake as well and both of us walk slowly over to the spot, but the sun ray was already too bright, yet the snow mountain distance away was still gorgeous when the sun strike over it.

While having our breakfast at hotel, our tour arrangement leader, Lobzhang come and visit us, and we chat a lot about Ladakh, surrounding and its cultures, as well as our major event in upcoming days. Oh yeah, Siala Guesthouse did serve great Tibetan milk tea as well during our discussion session which was very warming!

Another great morning from Siala Guesthouse rooftop.

The view on the building where our rooms are in.

The sunrise from another side of the mountain, guess I just confuse with direction.

Fabian with his Michelin like layer.

Great view over the Stok Range.

Our stabilization getting better and better, and we now confident to trek even higher, to the Leh Palace just at the hill behind Main Bazaar. I took the advice from the team to buckle up myself with more layer, to assure that I am not getting sick even with minor risk. We pass by Soma Gompa on our way to Leh Palace, which was hidden in a small compound just next to the main street, very peaceful scenery all over the area. After minor stop, we continue our hike while practicing our breathe and steps, as not to forget how high the elevation we are at right now. The view all over the Leh city was just too amazing while we are on our way hiking over to Leh Palace, multiple stops were required throughout the hike! The entrance to Leh Palace required 200 rupee per person, however it seem most of the special room inside was locked hence most of the time we are wandering around the palaces mostly on view points overseeing the city area, which was still extremely satisfying!

Peaceful morning via Soma Gompa.

Scenery was so colorful with all these prayer flags.

Side building of the Gompa.

Wefie with the Gompa.

The mystery flow of cloud over the Gompa.

Andrew talking to a cow?

Mandy and the local old men.

Back to the Main Bazaar street.

Destination, the Leh Palace up there.

Must remember that it was just our 2nd day in Leh, hence we should keep the pace slow.

Great view over Leh town and Stok Range.

Fabian enjoying the view up high.

Don't have clear sign which path to follow, hence we follow our instinct.

Getting closer to the palace.

What are they waving at? Oh, the drone that controlled by Hybrid.

A Stupa close to the palace.

Can't recall what Mandy was pointing at there.

Brief history of Leh Palace.

On our way to the main entrance.

Go aside, don't block the door!

Random corner inside the palace.

Getting higher and higher now.

The external design of the palace.

Andrew and the Tsemo Castle at the background.

The structural design the roof top of the palace.

North end of Leh town.

One of the many walkway inside the palace.

One of the badly damage walkway, lead to a dead end.

View from the old window towards north of Leh town.

Happy Mandy coming out from the restroom.

Staircase leading to another random room inside the palace.

Original plan was to continue the hike from Leh Palace to Tsemo Castle, but since the trail was too slippery and it was actually closed as mentioned by a couple from Chennai, hence we just walk nearer for some shot and went to grab our lunch in Main Bazaar again. This time, we try to get a random guy in the bazaar to recommend us a place and immediately he strongly suggest on Wazwan Planet on the very front part of the main street. We then meet Lobzhang again on the street, and he also suggesting the same place as well. Well, that seem like local favorite, it was decided for the day! The restaurant serving mostly Indian food, we order vegetable fried rice, mutton Briyani, tandoori chicken, and also some naan. OMG, the Briyani easily the best I ever have throughout my life, and the mutton as well! Best of the best! Oh yeah, we manage to finally taste some great coffee at Brazil Cafe as well from the street!

The closest we are with the Tsemo Castle.

Full of patterns LOL!

Helping each others was a kind act.

A sleepy dog.

Try to grab a coffee in this Lala's Art Cafe but it was not opened today.

Three cute Ladakhi kids on the street.

The taste from heaven!

Best restaurant in Leh, Wazwan Planet Restaurant!

An old lady sitting at her store. I bought my glove from her.

Street view from Brazil Cafe.

The view towards Leh Palace and Tsemo Castle up high.

What we did while waiting for our drinks.

Andrew enjoying his drink with the beautiful scenery just outside of the window.

We went back to guest house and continue to be relax and resting separately, until meet up for dinner. We met another Chinese uncle from Singapore, Mr.Yip, who after we chat along, was a expert hikers and mountaineer that conquered most of the peak across the world. We having very sentimental night interacting with him, getting his sharing and advice, and of course the passion to continue doing the thing he love even he was 70 years old right now! I have nothing but salute to him, and he will depart for the trek that we planned of as well, one day earlier than us. We wish him all the best to conquer the trek and we shall meet again!

Hot noodle soup for dinner tonight back at Siala Guesthouse, satisfying!

Our group photo with Mr. Yip, thanks for all the sharing, wise words, and motivation! Take care on your journey!

Leh Palace - India

January 2018

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