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Confluence of Indus and Zanskar

Thanks god that I feel much better the next morning after as today we will pretty much spend quite some times on the shaky cars during our day trip visit to Lamayuru to the west of Leh. The one way journey was around 115 KM, but considering the road condition, curve, and many sight seeing spot that we will stop along the way, we were expected only to reach Lamayuru just before the sunset of the day.

Just out from Leh city central, we came across another frozen pond that serve as ice hockey field for the local called Gupuks pond. This pond was few times larger than Korzu pond that we came across a day earlier in the Leh city central! According to tour guide, ice hockey was fairly popular sport here for Ladakhi, but only available to local to train and play during 8 weeks winter period every years, when the ponds in and out went freezing.

Local favorite sport, ice hockey.

Gupuks pond was much larger compare to Korzu pond!

The players were very serious in their training game.

Andrew with the players at Gupuks pond.

Snow mountain on the road.

We then have a quick stop on Gurdwara Temple which was a religious place for Sikh people. We just visit the surrounding without went inside as the floor was close to freezing and you need to take off your shoes before went into the the temple. Just opposite of the temple was a small hill called Nanak Hill which according to our driver, you will find a demon's foot print up there. I am just recovering from my nightmare illness yesterday, so I did not force myself to make it to the top.

The entrance to Nanak Hill.

The staircase lead to Gurdwara Temple.

Snow scattered all over the hill.

OK, that's enough to hike this much for now.

Next stop was a open area named Magnetic Hill, which immediately I thought the area defies the phenomenon of gravity. However our drivers did not describe or simulating the mysterious phenomenon here. From google, my thought was correct that make this place popular, but yet people still not really sure whether that was magnetic force emanating from the hill, or it was just an optical illusion that causing the confusion here.

The Magnetic Hill, the trail at the hill seem like some adventurer rushing up with their bike or even jeep!

Beautiful snow mountain view from the Magnetic Hill.

Everyone exploring around the area.

Just a small corner from Magnetic Hill, we were stunned seeing the unreal scenery of Confluence of Indus and Zanskar river. The river here still flowing quite strongly, with some of the edge still frozen with ice. Zanskar valley was where our major expedition will start at, hence everyone was feeling pretty excited and energetic to start the adventure immediately!

Energetic folks enjoying stunning scenery.

From the right, was the Indus river, and flowing from the valley was Zanskar river, the intersection was called Confluence of Indus and Zanskar.

Scenery taken from the car when passing Nimmu village.

Random curved road during the road trip.

The view overlook Basgo village.

Confluence of Indus and Zanskar - India

January 2018

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