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Likir and Alchi Gompa

We will have a first major stop for today road trip at Likir Gompa, which sitting beautifully on a little hill in the valley at elevation of 3700 meters. The monastery main hall was mainly closed but we were stunned by the surrounding view especially the the view towards the valley from the top of the Gompa, it was just too awesome! Not to forget the magnificent 23 meters high Maitreya statue just next to the Gompa as well!

Stop at the entrance towards Likir Gompa for some sneak peek view.

On another side where we came from, it was the marvelous snow mountain range as usual!

Ah Soon with the frozen flow of water from the drain.

Here we go, to explore Likir Gompa!

The colorful at one of the main hall in the Gompa.

Our group photo at the main courtyard.

Superb view from the roof top of Likir Gompa!

Trident like weapon stand still over the magnificent snow mountain range.

Thanks to The Travetones group, that make this trip come true!

Beautiful Maitreya statue just next to the Gompa.

21 KM from beautiful Likir Gompa, after passing the Indus river through a bridge, we reach a small village by the river, called Alchi. The main purpose here was to visit a very old Alchi Gompa which exist since 11th century and decorated with some of the oldest surviving paintings in Ladakh. Once you are inside, you can felt the structure went through some serious and long history, yet still stand strong today. Short walk to the back of the Gompa, you can have a very close up view over the greenish Indus river!

Here we are in small vilage of Alchi.

A narrow alley lead the way to Alchi Gompa.

Close up view on the greenish Indus river!

It was one of the longest river in Asia.

Common respect, take off your shoes before stepping inside hall in any Gompa.

Very ancient looking Alchi Choskor Monastery, 50 rupee is required for foreign tourist to visit the interior of it.

The team was starving and getting ready to have our lunch.

Passing the bridge full of hanging prayer flags back to continue our journey on highway.

Likir and Alchi Gompa - India

January 2018

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