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Snow Flower Point

Our drivers stop us at a small town called Khalatse after nearly 40 KM rough long drive all the way from Alchi. Although the road was called highway, but don't ever compare it to the 'highway' that urban city have, but it was already the best route available between Srinagar and Leh. All of us get a standard Dali set, simple meal but it was so satisfying as everyone truly was starving at that point.

Waiting for our lunch to be served.

Restaurant owner and workers preparing our Dali set for us.

Exterior look on Restaurant Khaltse.

Simple yet satisfying Dali set lunch!

Small town of Khalatse.

Wandering around while our drivers registers our identity before moving on to Lamayuru.

Driving through the valley.

Just before reaching Lamayuru finally, there was something just caught our attention by the roadside, which something we never saw before, a frozen waterfall! The water that flow from the right plank of the road get total frozen on the cliff wall, make it a real life frozen waterfall. We were so amazed by the scenery, but it seem our drivers having the similar thoughts as well as they did take turn to snap photo with this nature wonder, probably it was their first time as well driving on the way over to Lamayuru during winter.

Wonder of the nature, the snow flower point!

Definitely need a solo photo for this!

Our group photo with the snow flower point, one more member will be joining us soon tomorrow.

Soon close up with the frozen icicle.

Fabian with his ice sword.

The partial frozen river just next to the road.

The wasteland close to Lamayuru that named 'Moonland'.

These donkeys seem leading the way to Lamayuru for us!

Snow Flower Point - Leh

January 2018

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