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The Moonland of Ladakh

It was quite late already when we reach Lamayuru, and our drivers stop us at Lamayuru Gompa which situated at highest ground here in the village. It suppose to be a highlight here, but most part of the Gompa was closed during winter, hence we just keep wandering around the Gompa instead. Viewing the surrounding from the top, make us understand why they called this place a moonland.

The drivers stop us at our stay of the night, Dragon Hotel, and everyone sort of having free and easy sight seeing around before freezing night approaching, which is quite soon in actual. For me, I spend almost all of remaining time of the day, interacting with some kids playing with their home made skate wood on an icy platform just next to the hotel. These kids laughter and smile was so pure and true with a simple toy to play around in sharing term, make us really wonder why it is harder for adult to be happy. Perhaps for me, contentment is the keyword here.

It was freezing cold at night, super cold! It was a nightmare when the electricity automatically turned off at around 12:30 AM in which I wake up accidentally and can't get into deep sleep anymore. I had to suffer through the night trying to generate heat by myself with limited layer that we have in the room. It was almost until around 7 AM when I finally force myself to get out from the layer, and rushing over to the dining hall in which the lady boss immediately setup the firewood on the stove to warm me up, that's was one of the warmest moment to remember!

The moonland of Ladakh.

One of the hall in Lamayuru Gompa.

Soon and a donkey.

Snow mountain range as seen from Lamayuru Gompa.

Our room, I am sharing with Andy tonight.

The natural icy platform just next to the hotel.

Kid playing around with their self made skate wood on the slippery icy platform.

Andy, Mandy, and Soon join the fun with the kids as well!

A Ladakhi kid with very determine eyes.

Freezing night, we just can't get rid of the fire stove!

After sleepless freezing night, it was so good to see the sun in the morning.

Lamayuru - India

January 2018

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