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The Shanti Stupa

Due to nightmare sleepless night in Lamayuru, I almost sleep inside the car all the way back to Leh. Our tour arrangement, Zanskar Kaniska Expeditions group did switch our accommodation from Siala Guesthouse to Shanti Guesthouse to the west of the town, which was bigger and modern to accommodate our huge group. Our final member of the expedition, Su Jin reach safely as well in Shanti Guesthouse. Tomorrow will be the expedition and she was the only one that did not have much opportunity for acclimatization, hopefully she will be fine.

Lobzang and Angla, one of our tour guide, did came over to the guesthouse to give us some briefing about the expedition, everyone seem super excited, can't wait for tomorrow!

After getting some rest, I feeling better by now and wish to go and have some walk again outside, probably a short hike towards Shanti Stupa which was just next to our guesthouse. Hybrid, Fabian, and Andrew did join me on the walk up there using staircase, not too high from the ground when we start the hike, but I can feel my heart rate pump real fast even it was a slow hike, and my stamina drained super quick. To relate back, my health check result always show no issue on my lungs functionality, but it was always never being better than average, probably that's why the heart need to pump the oxygen quicker in high altitude place where oxygen level on the air was much lower. Never underestimate the altitude!

Slowly step by step by controlling my breathing, and adjust to it, we were being rewarded with the beautiful white Shanti Stupa sitting on top of the hill, as well as super panorama view over Leh city!

Hybrid with the panorama view of Leh city.

Fabian with the panorama view of Leh city.

Superb view over Leh city.

Andrew enjoying the view over Leh city.

The beautiful Shanti Stupa.

We manage to make it up here just before the sunset.

Easily best maintained and beautiful Stupa here in Ladakh.

The city slowly went darker after the sunset.

Use back the same path to get back to our guest house.

The entrance to Shanti House.

Finally Su Jin manage to meet the rest of the members.

Andrew was so tired that he almost went in hibernate mode by standing still doing nothing.

The dining area in Shanti House new wing.

Shanti Stupa - India

January 2018

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