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Chadar Trek: Day 5

Imagine that you were sleeping inside a sleeping bag on a hard surface, with no heater to warm you up almost for 4 entire days under freezing temperature, and suddenly you were sleeping comfortably on a rather thin mattress, still inside the same sleeping bag, with a traditional stove warm us up even during the midnight as the house owner keep adding more firewood into it, that easily presume how heaven looked like to us at that particular moment! Further more, we get to enjoy the best sleep until around 9 AM, whereas we need to start prepare since 6 AM every morning on other days!

Simple breakfast with chapati Nutella combo was super good at this wonderful morning, but it seem that I start to have minor diarrhea infection, without hesitation immediately I get some medicine from Fabian. Luckily it was only happened today, when it more like our rest day with only a plan to hike over to visit Lingshed Monastery on the afternoon, if it was during the trek on any days earlier, it would be a nightmare for me, seriously. The morning seem to be just like a free and easy session for everyone, including our guides and porters, to just have a rest and enjoy the sweet moment of probably just doing nothing. We have the opportunity to get closer to our porters today, which normally we don't have too much interaction with, and also with the family of the house owner as well. The owner seem to own some animals such as donkey, goats, sheep, and also the impressive huge yaks just on their backyards! The most memorable moment was when the house owner prepare a pail of hot water for 9 of us to wash our hair after 5 god damn days! You hear it right, 9 of us with only single pail of hot water! Save water, and save the earth!

Good morning Lingshed!

A cup of hot tea, and spectacular view all over the area, what else can we expect more?

The Yaks family owned by our home-stay owner.

house stand probably 100 Meters away from us. Neighbor

The goat and donkey family.

Take turns to wash our hairs with limited supply of hot water!

It must be heavy snowfalls yesterday night here.

Closer encounter with the Yaks.

But they immediately walk away, probably not liked to be disturbed.

Our stay via Lingshed, miss this place so much!

Aerial view on the house! Photo credited to Hybrid.

Really enjoy the snow scenery a lot here! Photo credited to Hybrid.

Great great shot on the princess! Photo credited to Hybrid.

Fabian with portion of our porters, our heroes. Photo credited to Hybrid.

It was great to see they are enjoying the expedition as well. Photo credited to Hybrid.

After having our lunch, the team start to ascend over to Lingshed Monastery, with few porters along as it was also their first time visiting Lingshed. I thought that after a very refreshing rest, my condition will back to normal today, but I seem to still having some issue accelerate up hill, however at least it was much better compare to the hike yesterday. Hopefully another day of rest in the wonderland of Lingshed will maximize my condition!

Basically, it was a hike from on end of the village towards another end, continue to ascend towards the Monastery. It must be a heavy snowing night yesterday, as we feel like surrounding by a white magical world full of snow! We walked pass many stupa, houses, school, and many other administration building as well. It might be a small village, but it was still very systematic and quite complete in fact. The view was nice, and we were not in rush, hence we trek rather slow while enjoying the extraordinary scenery along the way.

Best part of day trek today, not even day pack was needed!

Everyone keep the pace slow, to really spend more time to enjoy the view along the way.

Andrew and the black Yak.

Hello goat!

One by one, step by step.

Even small cliff like the one in front, still require some effort to ascend it.

Mandy and the white fantasy land of Lingshed.

Health center, and also development center.

Andy hike the trail steadily.

Everyone just enjoy creating their own footprint and trail on the thick snow.

Team reassemble before proceeding just next to sheep and wool center.

I keep on turn around my head to enjoy this great view of snowy land after few steps of walks!

Getting closer and closer to the monastery.

Soon making his effort up hill steadily as well despite continuous coughing.

Can see clearly the monastery now, still some distance away.

Teacher teaching and student listening, just outdoor in front of the school.

Priceless view on beautiful Lingshed village!

Take a rest as you needed it, control the tempo suitable to each one condition.

After all, we were almost there!

OK, here goes the final ascending trail! Keep it up my teammate!

Can't get bored with these kind of view!

It took us around 2 hours and finally we reach Lingshed Monastery which was around 3.5 KM away, standing as highest building overseeing the entire village on the area. There was a Lama escort us to visit around the beautiful monastery which was founded on 1440 by Changsems Sherabs Zangpo, disciple of the noted Tibetan preceptor Je Tsongkhapa. Surprisingly there was quite a number of monks studying here in the monastery, and we were invited into a hall in which all the monks were assemble for a daily chanting session, ranging from very young till very senior. We were served with Tibetian famous salted butter tea, and meditate along as well. It was a very peaceful session and we were really glad to have experience this valuable event!

Welcome to Lingshed Monastery!

Love the snow scenery along with the afternoon blue sky.

Standing solid since 1440s.

Our porters that joined us here for the visit.

Time to went in and have a visit on the interior of the monastery and meeting fellow Lama.

There were still some houses almost at the same height as the monastery as well.

Seem to be oldest Lama in the monastery, but age was just a number after-all.

We were served with Tibetian butter tea before the evening chanting session.

We meditating while peacefully listen to the chanting by the Lama.

The photo of his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama hanging high on the hall.

Keep my mind peaceful and wish for a better world. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Sky started to get dark, hence we depart back to our home stay house after wave bye to the Lama from the monastery. The down hill was quite comfortable in which we spend only around 45 minutes to getting back to the house, while enjoying the scenery turn from sunset to dusk. I felt relieve finally that it seem this mark the end of major ascend for the entire expedition!

Sky getting dark soon, is time to get back to our home-stay.

Bye bye Lingshed Monastery and all the Lama, thanks for the hospitality and the wonderful chanting experience!

Andy descending down hill walking the stupa.

Same white fantasy land, in a darker tone now.

But still super beautiful!

Trek slowly with relax mode, everyone was glad to have a short recovery day!

Sky turn to dusk tone after the sunset.

It was a night full of laughter and fun chit chatting around with everyone, while enjoying nice mushroom pizza, Tibetian momo and surpringly they also bake a cake for us! Su Jin and Soon was both studying Chinese Medical treatment, and when they get to know the the house lady was having a knee pain for quite some time, they use their utility to perform acupuncture treatment for her as well as passing down knowledge on how to prevent the pain again in the future. Both Hybrid and Soon also gave her their knee pad to further help to prevent the re-occurrence. There was also a tear dropping moment during the night, when Gawa told me that the small kiddo in the house, which was the grand daughter of the house owner, lose her father during the avalanche incident that form the ice tunnel that we passing through when we on our way hike up to Lingshed years ago.Stay strong and grow up healthy girl!

Lady from the Lingshed Woman society visited us to get some donation to fund the group which we did contribute!

Princess Su Jin in action!

Stay strong kiddo!

Dinner time with spectacular cake!

What happening here? >.<

Lingshed - India

January 2018

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