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Chadar Trek: Day 6

Another comfortable night of sleep and rest. Today I even manage to get discipline to wake up on time while helping others to pack their stuff as well. It was good sign that with proper rest, my condition were getting better by now. Anyhow, the morning was extremely cold some how at -22 degrees, slight water from the warm bag on my hand got frozen quickly when I try to brush my teeth on the balcony, can't imagine what was the feeling to be outdoor during the midnight. I really enjoy my stay here in Lingshed but no matter how, it was time to say good bye to the house owners as we need to start descend our way down to frozen Zanskar River once again. I hand over some donation for her and the little kiddo for the super warm hospitality during our 2 days here, we will be sure miss this place a lot!

The morning via Lingshed Village.

Good bye our lovely home-stay and the owner! You will surely be missed!

Well, the descending journey start now! It was the same route all down hill but you since I was super weak during the day we hike up to Lingshed, this was a great opportunity to really experience the beauty of the trail. I started the trekking slow to build my own momentum, but insist to carry the day pack by myself, and I glad it turn out I am getting better and better! The bright sun slowly increasing the temperature hence I unload my super heavy yellow minion jacket and gloves, and it further boost my movement which was great! Basically down hill was so much easier and comfortable, but you really need to watch your step carefully as any miss step on the edge of the trail might falling all the way down the narrow cliff, it was better safe than sorry! The uphill journey that took us half day earlier, this time it was only a matter of an hour or two that we reach the entrance to Lingshed. We having some rest here while Hybrid did some drone shot.

Snowy entrance into Lingshed village. I manage to carry my camera for some shots this time.

The stupa with 3 Buddhas imprint on the rock via Gate of Lingshed.

The frozen waterfall with light blue color!

Downhill was so much comfortable, but watch your steps carefully!

The incredible ice tunnel once again!

The edge walking trail down hill.

Angla leading the way at front.

Be extra caution on each of the step you taking here!

Hybrid crossing yet another corner.

Andrew and CT posing on the edge.

Mandy was too scare walking on these edge down hill, hence Chozang escort her down the edge and have the walk on the snow land instead, what a caring guide!

Some of the path really narrow and slippery with soft sands and icy surface, don't hesitate to use your hand to ensure safety!

Getting closer to the flat ground soon.

Going to leave this snow wonder land soon.

Super slippery surface, hence Angla have dig some sands and pour towards the surface for us to step through.

Thick snow surface ahead!

Continue our descend down hill.

Close up on the snow surface.

Time for a minor break.

It was a down hill after all, everyone looked fresh today.

Taking turn to go down the cliff.

Here we were again, on the entrance to Lingshed!

Snow Leopard group at the entrance to Lingshed! Photo credited to Hybrid.

Going to miss this mythical village a lot!

Getting back to the familiar surface once again.

Chozang back to the frozen river.

Time to move forward guys!

We were back to Oma Chu Gorge once again which give us some tough time few days back, and it seem to be yet another challenge here today. The ice here did not solidly freeze, hence we need to walk closely along the edge adventurously while ensure we follow the steps correctly on the one in front of us. It was again lots of rock climbing up and down but everyone were doing great this time! What touching us deeply was few porters seem forecast that we will be having difficulties passing Oma Chu Gorge, hence they just carry over their loads over to a safer place and came all the way back to help us up to cross the area voluntarily, thanks a lot!

Although we were not in this surface for more than a day, but it seem everyone was already getting use to walk on it.

Angla leading the way towards Oma Chu Gorge once again.

Heading into adventurous Oma Chu Gorge.

No matter how hard the road awaiting us, we will find a way to overcome it, as a team.

The path ahead doesn't look that good....

Angla went up high to survey and draft a plan for us to go through this area.

We have to stay on the edge of the rock with only minor step on solid part of ice.

Gawa stay at the back to ensure everyone follow the trail correctly.

Few of our porters also stay at the area here to help us out, thanks so much for the kindness!

Finally, everyone passed through safely! Well done team!

Saying goodbye to Oma Chu Gorge, one of the area that gave us challenges the most during the trek!

Feeling of relive to able to get some comfortable walk.

There was still minor trail that required us to hike along the rocks, but not too intense anymore.

Now really back to solid surface, here you goes the happy princess!

After lots of hard work and cooperation, we manage to pass through Oma Chu Gorge safely and we were now back to Nyerak village area. We having our lunch while resting close to our campsite few days earlier, and getting some news that the trail between our current location and the frozen Nyerak Waterfall was almost melting and overflown by water, hence after fellow guides discuss and calibrate, we decide to stay our night at the exact same camp site we stayed 2 days back. Since the day way early when we start to setup the camp and have some break, I manage to gather everyone here, including our team, fellow guides, and all the porters to take a formal group photo as a memory for this unforgettable adventure!

We probably have to use the alternate hiking path to overpass the area tomorrow and it will be a longer distance than original plan, hence we decided to sleep early after our dinner. Total trekking distance today was 24 KM.

From curious, tiring, until totally get in love with the walk on these surface now.

Thanks for waiting for me, Gawa, silent hero along the trek.

My lovely companions.

Gawa slowing down his step to enjoy the surrounding view.

Getting closer back to Nerak village.

Here we are, back to the junction toward Nerak village.

Our heroes having fun while preparing our lunch!

Counting down towards the end of the expedition soon, need to keep these into memories forever.

Having a break while waiting for our lunch.

Our porters working on to bring our stuff over to the campsite up there.

The trail that will continue to bring you over to the Nerak village.

The exact same campsite we were staying few days back.

The best campsite along this adventure in my opinion.

Best view just out from my camp.

Some of our lovely porters!

A week of journey together bring the team towards a family level of bonding! Thanks to each of everyone of you!

Chadar Trek - India

January 2018

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