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Chadar Trek: Day 7

Familiar spot, with familiar scenery upon wake up in extremely cold morning via Nyerak village campsite. My hands was freezing badly hence I cant clean the mess on time today prior to departure, luckily our porter offer their help to pack the camp for me, appreciated!

The ice condition was not sold today close to Nyerak waterfall area, hence we have to take alternate route to cross the area through uphill road which was still under construction. Going up was tough, but going down was the real challenge due to steepness and slippery, but it was extremely nice to witness beautiful of the frozen Zanskar river from high.

Breathtaking to view frozen Zanskar river from high up!

But taking those steep and slippery trail down was a big challenge for us.

Hybrid peeking the mountain view close to Nyerak village.

OK, is time to continue on the ground zone back again.

Porters everywhere working very hard to carry these loads across various obstacles.

Freezing cold morning.

Everyone keep close to each other during the slow walk today.

Back to familiar scenery again.

Everything was so moderate and peaceful today.

I can't recall that much of details on the trek today, just that the trail condition was moderate which in certain area we still required to do some climbing and changing to gum boot as we need to step into freezing water. However, what I remember the most today was while we waiting for lunch via a sunny spot, the team bring out their 'secret weapon' for photography theme. Guess what! Chinese new year theme!

It was a truly fun session enjoying with the folks there!

Everyone love sunny spot!

Our lunch spot today!

Believe me, don't underestimate how much hiking stick can help you during any of your trekking!

Group resting comfortably while waiting for our lunch.

Fabian have a comfort seat by the river.

Andrew with one of our secret weapon!

CT found his comfort seat as well.

Gong Hei Fatt Choy! Photo credited to Hybrid.

Happy Chinese new year from the group! Photo credited to Hybrid.

We went past Tibb Cave area which we overnight few days back during the trek, but for today we went further to go for our campsite for the day, a total of moderate difficulty walk of 30 KM++ today. The end was near, and it was time to discuss about tips allocation among our heroes, and end up we agree with ration 3:7 which 3 is for our guides, while the rest of 7 for our porters. Everyone contribute sincerely based on the willingness and we manage to accumulate total of 25000 rupee for the group.

It suppose to get nearer to the end of the trek which suppose to be excited, but somehow it was a mixed feeling at the moment.

Passing Tibb Cave area.

Good jobs everyone! Time to get some rest.

Chadar Trek - India

January 2018

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