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Chadar Trek: Day 8

It was easily the toughest and terrible morning by far, with extreme strong wind hitting our camp badly, but yet still lucky the morning hot drink help us to boost our body inside the camp while waiting for the wind to slow down. It was great since despite bad weather in the morning, but everyone manage to have all stuff packed on time and gather at dining hall for our breakfast. Comfortable and relax day, it was good to see everyone in great condition!

You know your own body the best than anyone else, and when I feel my stamina regain and condition getting better, I comfortably manage to keep up pace faster than earlier without too much extra effort. After a short break, the team continue the walk and slowly everyone was walking with their own pace zone separately, silently without much talking anymore. Well, it was eighth day of journey along with this marvelous group of people, and tonight is the last night we will spend the time together. It was really a mix feeling, on one hand we finally manage to get our-self back to civilization pretty soon, but on another hand, saying good bye was really tough, at least for me. Well, I guess I am thinking too much without much concentration on my step, finally I also experience the feeling of falling down on the trek. Maybe I can also say, you never being to Chadar Trek without falling down during the trek too, and I am glad I did!

Princess still quite energetic despite crazy early morning weather.

CT make sure everyone follow the detour route correctly due to fragile surface on the frozen river.

Truly it wasn't looked solid when seeing from high up.

Lots of climbing required using this alternate route, but still better than soaking inside freezing water.

Looked like still have to hike up and down for quite some distance.

It was not a long day, keep it up guys!

Finally able to step on the ice once again.

Familiar scenery.

Tricky surface, it get thinner closer to the edge, watch out!

Gonna miss this place so so much.

Eason Chan's songs accompany me the most throughout today trek.

Here we are, back to Upper Shingra.

After not too far, we already went pass Upper Shingra and our campsite was just few more KM to go, with total distance covered today was just around 20 KM. It was really nice to have long time hanging out around our campsites, to interact a lot with our fellow guides and porters, playing drone with them, joining them inside the cooking camp (it was super warm!), and also helping them on the light routine tasks. We also take probably the only chances we might be having this life, to take some half naked photo on the frozen river under this extreme condition! We might be crazy to do those stuff, but we know on the later stage of our life, we will never regret those crazy memories we have during this marvelous adventure!

Very crowded here in Upper Shingra, luckily our campsite today wasn't here.

Praying flags tie to the tree.

Princess nearly fall down again when I took this shot.

Blue sky, white ice, perfect combination.

Simple yet so satisfying!

Crazy thing happened down there!

Our campsite for last night during this spectacular adventure.

Crazy attempt under negative temperature, but absolutely worth it as a memory! Photo credited to Hybrid.

Mandy enjoying the final sunset on Zanskar river during this memorable adventure.

One of our hero, Kaka!

Thanks for letting us exploring the beauty of Chadar Trek safely!

During the dinner time, Angla lead the team of everyone come in to our dining camp and saying farewell notes to us, as some of the team members will not follow us out from the trek tomorrow as they will be leading another Thai group into the deep Zanskar valley again through the frozen river. It was truly emotional moment that we felt sincerely from our hearts based on how well this group of peoples have serve us throughout the trek, which seriously nothing we could wish more from them! We also took this opportunity to give our token of appreciation, a.k.a tips for everyone of them, well deserved for our heroes! Oh yeah, not to forget one of the porter even sing us a song he compose himself, which depict the feeling of missing home.

The trek was marvelous, but the best thing about the adventure was still the peoples that I met!

Night approaching.

It was always hard to say goodbye.

Thanks for the song, it was absolutely great!

The moon going down the horizon soon too.

Four leopards with their shadow.

Cold air, dark night, warm fire, bright stars, great companion. That's all we have.

Chadar Trek - India

January 2018

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