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Chadar Trek: Day 9

My last night sleep in the camp was not that great as the zip on my sleeping bag was broken make it super freezing during the sleep, but it seem just not to bad as it was already the last night, and the trek back to civilization just a short one today. Although short, but the road back to Lower Shingra was in bad shape as many icy platform that we used to came in already collapsed hence we have to detour many alternate steps to bypass those area. Perhaps the only thing that make me furious during the adventure was during last corner before we reaching Lower Shingra, as there was some construction on going on the road up high, but those workers did not stop the works even they are seeing people passing by the trek underneath it. It was extremely dangerous as there was rock size from small to medium drop through the cliff and it was unimaginable if it hit some one on the head! Luckily nothing bad happen to anyone of us.

It was almost the end of the journey for us, but it was brand new one for these people. Keep the walk going!

We decided to leave our gum boot just close to the starting point of the trek, so that anyone, especially the porters that need it could just grab and use it.

Almost the time to say goodbye to this wonderland.

The final challenge probably, to walk through thin ice that was already breaking.

Back to familiar scenery once again.

Gorgeous river, gorgeous people, gorgeous Chadar trek. Fully recommended to those seeking for a life time adventure!

Finally, we really did it! Completing this wonderful adventure with total of 175 KM distance travel by feet, it was truly one amazing experience and big kudos to the team for the job well done!

Oh wait, there was a final test before the end of the adventure, to soak our self into the frozen river! It was freezing but I don't have many thought in my brain that time, just take off everything and remain my undies, and just jump in to the water! Well, standing inside the water at the waist level was still not that bad somehow, but when I try to soak my whole body and head into it, GOSH, the freezing was not joke! Immediately I have to crawl out myself from the river and dry myself with the towel. Crazy act, but I glad I give it a try!

Back to Lower Shingra!

We made it!

The only way to have a life is to commit to it like crazy! Photo credited to Andy.

The spot where we did the freezing water challenge!

Is time to go back to civilization.

Life time experience that for sure none of us will able to forget!

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Back to civilization finally! It was time to get a good well rest back in Shanti Gueshouse. Hot water! Finally we get to enjoy a good shower with hot water but somehow the supply having some technical issue hence we need to wait for quite some time before get to enjoy it. In return, the owner cook us additional fried chicken to compensate the delay. The night well spend inside my room all together to chit chat and start to flash back various memories during the trek. Seriously, it was a life time experience that I will never forget.

Chadar Trek - India

January 2018

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