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The Chang La Pass

Today we have another day trip to one of the most famous tourism spot here in Ladakh, the Pangong Lake. We have to depart very early in the morning hence most of us not manage to take bath due to extreme coldness, and we depart sharp at around 7:30 AM after having our breakfast. The drive from Leh all the way to Hemis towards Karu, was all right with normal road and our drivers help us to submit permit through a check post in Karu. Night mare from Karu, the road suddenly just turn into extremely bad condition, with alternately drive on normal tar road as well as stony road, which was totally not comfortable at all as our car keep swinging. However, the minor stop for some rest as well as enjoying marvelous view over the village of Sakti was truly amazing although we are not still at the highest pass yet. After another 45 minutes of drive, we finally manage to reach Chang La Pass, which officially the second highest motorize road at 5360 Meters, we were truly proud to be at this spot, surrounded by amazing white world of snow.

Marvelous view over the village of Sakti.

The scary road by the cliff that we went through to reach this high.

Welcome to Chang La pass! Second highest pass in the world!

Blessed with countless praying flags.

As usual, there was some Indian armies stationed at this area.

Seem like a cafe, but it was closed in the winter perhaps.

Our cars via Chang La pass.

Time to move on, continue to enjoy all the stunning view just from the car.

Incoming car from the front, our driver have to give way accordingly as the road was quite narrow.

Cheers to folks in second car!

Beautiful land of amazingly white.

Crossing countless valleys and passes.

Another incoming car through a narrow road.

Getting closer to Pangong Tso.

A land of nobody.

We pass through some sand dunes as well on our way to Pangong Tso.

Finally, after extremely long drive, finally able to have the first peek on the legendary Pangong Tso!

The Chang La Pass - india

January 2018

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