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The Khardung La Pass

Our last few days in Ladakh, our plan was to have a short trip over to Nubra Valley. Andy will be departing back to Malaysia early hence was not joining us for this trip. We wave goodbye to him and wish him a safe flight back home, and start our long road journey once again after the breakfast together.

We heading north from Leh town toward the mountain area and luckily the road condition was much more well maintained compare to the road towards Pangong Lake we went through earlier, hence everyone feel fresh and not so dizzy along the road. The viewpoint towards Leh township and Stok Range was just superb pairing along with super well weather!

Shortly after heading north from Leh town.

This view point on the way to Nubra Valley was a secret gem!

Even at this height, there were still more to go through in order to get to the other side of the mountains.

Hybrid and the exceptional view of Stok Range.

The weather today was just too good for the perfect view!

Continue the road and we reach the South Pullu checkpoint.

One of our car and the Stok Range.

Our drivers need to help us register for a permit to went through Khardung La pass.

The view on nearby mountain from South Pullu.

The road seem to be higher than the Stok Range!

Thick misty clouds deep into the valley.

The beautiful road leading the way to Khardung La pass.

As we went higher, the snow on the road get thicker.

The highlight of the journey was for sure passing through the mighty Khardung La Pass, the highest motor-able road standing high at approximately 5400 meters above sea level, it was even highest than Kota Kinabalu, the highest mountain of South East Asia! It was snowing there when we reach and it was super cold hence we did not stay too long at the pass. The road down hill after the pass was almost fully covered with snow and it was truly white in every perspective, and our drivers have to drive very carefully in every corner, and we make it down to lower zone safely.

Welcome to the mighty Khardung La pass!

Nothing much here but the military camp and a small health center.

Standing high at 18380 feet above sea level.

Happy team mate at the mighty Khardung La pass.

The direction towards Nubra Valley, it was surrounded with thick fogs.

Although there was still sun light, but it was extremely cold here!

Casual tourist photo with the remarkable sign.

Hybrid with the scattered praying flags hanging around Khardung La pass.

It was totally white down hill!

Here we go into the misty zone.

The view back towards the pass.

Mountain fully covered with thick snow.

Following a small car in front of us down hill.

Road covered with snow was slippery, hence our driver have to drive slowly on every corner.

We get to drive with snow free road when we get to lower altitude, which our driver can slightly drive faster.

Reaching North Pullu and our drivers help us again for the formal travel registration.

A look back towards Khardung La pass area that we just went through, very far away.

The road condition now getting much better.

One of many military truck that we came across along the road.

khardung la pass - india

January 2018

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