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Goodbye Beautiful Ladakh!

Due to the extreme coldness a day earlier in Hunder, all 7 of us squeeze into a single room for 3 over the night as it was the only room with stove, glad that it was a warm and comfortable night of rest, with a lot of laughter! After breakfast and waving goodbye to the family that operating the guest house, we depart on our way back to Leh, by crossing Khardung La Pass again. Although without a photo to prove, but I recall very clearly that on the road after passing North Pullu village, I saw a fox with very bright colors of brown, orange, and white, crossing the road and went up hill. The drivers immediately stop the car, and we jump down from it and viewing onto the top of the hill, and we managed to catch a little glimpse of its colorful tail, it was truly lucky for us to see a wild fox here!

Random stop on the road.

Why we stop by the way out of no where? Simply because some of us need to find a place to pee.

Slowly drive toward the direction of Khardung La Pass once again.

As we went higher, the surrounding was almost fully covered with snow.

The Khardung La Pass as view from the far.

Scenic view down towards the valley, and also the windy road that we came across.

Here we passing through Khardung La Pass again.

Look at those massive count of praying flags here in Khardung La Pass.

The view of the Stok Range, mean we were getting closer back to Leh town.

After 3 and a half hours of drive, we finally reaching back to Leh town. We get our drivers to stop us at Shanti Guesthouse to drop our luggage, and drive us to main bazaar to grab our lunch. Coincidentally, we saw few familiar faces while passing on the road and we realize it was Angla, Gawa, and Kaka. Immediately we shout at them and our drivers stop us, so that we can have some reunite time once again with these lovely people, after all, we were going to leave by the next day.

Random encounter with these lovely people once again.

It was not only a business, it went beyond that.

More coincidentally, this encounter happened just in front of their shop!

As for our final meals before leaving this lovely place, we never think twice to decide the place, what else other than the superb Wazwan Planet? We even packing their Kadai Chicken, some local type of curry chicken for our dinner back to Shanti Gueshouse for the night, that was how much our group love the food here! Before getting back to our guesthouse, we spend some relaxing afternoon via roof terrace of Lala's Cafe, situated on a few hundred years old building, which once a monastery. If you were here, do not miss the chance to check out very antique Buddhist stone carvings hidden on the group floor, just talk to the workers there and they will be happy to show you the way to it.

Final day exploring this lovely Main Bazaar.

My teammate posing on the roof terrace of Lala's Cafe, with Leh Palace on the background.

Sunrise make these dogs sleep comfortably and warmer.

Fitting everyone finally, but we were missing Andy here.

Sadly, it was time to leave this beautiful place soon.

Exterior of Lala's Cafe.

The interior of the best restaurant here in Leh.

Leh Town - India

January 2018

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