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Namaste Nepal!

It was almost the end of year 2018, and here I am on a journey to a country that famous for countless spectacular trekking trails, and of course, home to the world's highest mountain, the Mount Everest. Yeah, me myself, Fabian, and Mandy were on our way to Nepal for another trekking journey. We will be joined by a 4th member, Samantha on the next day in Kathmandu as she will depart from Singapore. When saying about trekking adventure in Nepal, most of the people will linked it with ABC, ACT, or EBC, but for us, it was a journey into an uncommon trekking destination, the Upper Mustang. Me myself also having little knowledge about what to expect, hence just follow the flow!

Being randomly choose to seat to the right from the plane, was a luckiest thing that happened to me through out the flight. While we are getting closer to Kathmandu, the weather was extremely good at the time and the gorgeous Himalayan range was visible clearly throughout the plane window! Although I am not able to pin point the details, but that was clearly direction towards Mount Everest, hence one of the many peak there was indeed the world's highest mountain, marvelous!

Surprisingly good Chicken Briyani rice on flight!

The Himalayan Range as seen from the flight! Did you see Mount Everest peak there?

Landing soon at Kathmandu.

Landed safely at Tribhuvan International Airport.

After checking in the hotel in Thamel, our tour organizer, Dipendra came over to meet and brought us for a lunch via Himali Kitchen which serve excellent Mutton Curry and Chicken Dhal set. We were then being introduced to our expedition guide leader, Kumar and also performing settlement on the payment in their office. We will be joined by another two porters, which we will only met at Jomsom when we start our journey in another few days of time. With the spare time that we have, we explore the Thamel walking streets, which looked very commercialize as it was a tourist centralize spot here in Kathmandu. One thing that caught my attentions the most from the street walks, was the shining golden Buddha statues with various size, and also spectacular Thangka artworks. Both of them seriously, did impress me a lot on the quality of those relics here in Nepal!

Dipendra escort us for a walk to his office.

This area was backpackers district, called Thamel.

One of many Thangka art shop in Thamel.

Our local lunch spot in Thamel, Himali Kitchen.

My yummy mutton curry.

Mandy's chicken dhal set.

One of many Buddha statue shop with various size and design.

Settling the remaining payment for our expedition and also get to know Kumar who will be the lead guides for us.

Night street scenery in Thamel.

These Thangka artworks were just so spectacular and amazing!

Simple dinner via Illy Cafe before calling it the day.

Thamel - Nepal

October 2018

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