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Flight to Jomsom

Today, we were going to catch a bus to the city of Annapurna trekkers base, Pokhara. By checking the distance online, it was just nearly 200 KM away, but in reality due to windy hilly road and its condition, it took us nearly 8 hours to reach instead. We checked in into Hotel Trekkers Inn for a night of stay, and have some evening walk along Pokhara main street and the beautiful calm Fewa Lakeside. Along the walk, it was true that Pokhara was tourism capital of Nepal as there was seem to be more tourists compare to local everywhere we were going to. Our trekking adventure will begin on the next day, hence we decide to have a good dinner tonight at Maya Restaurant as a celebration!

Scenery from the bus, on the ride to Pokhara.

The weather in Pokhara was very comfortable.

Main street of Pokhara close to lakeside.

Beautiful Fewa Lake during the late evening.

Happening walking street on the lakeside.

Just when I am so curious nobody selling any corns whereas there were countless corn field along the road, I met this father and son selling BBQ corn.

Peaceful walk along the lake.

Probably the best thing you could do here, just sit down and relax, doing nothing.

We was among the very first group in Pokhara airport waiting for our Tara Air flight to Jomsom, where we will start our adventure. Kumar will accompany us throughout the flight and we will be meeting our porters soon in Jomsom. Perfect sunrise greet us well during our walk over to the plane, and with clearer vision in the morning, suddenly the majestic Annapurna mountain range just appear on the mountainous side of it, and it was so beautiful and stunning!

It was a truly small plane with probably less than 30 passengers in it and we can even see the cockpit directly from our seats! The stewardess like any other commercial flight, will assist us to get respective seats and deliver safety precaution steps, but she will not join us on the flight. Once the plane ready to depart, she drop off the plane, and we were ready to fly over the valley into Jomsom, which was allocated at nearly 2700 Meters above sea level. I did grab a window seat on the plane, but the propeller some how block most of the view towards the snow mountain along the flight, I will need to remind myself to grab a first row seat then during the return flight on later time!

First group to be here getting ready for our flight.

Weighting our luggage during the check in, the plane is small hence the measurement was very strict for safety purposes.

We were the first group of people to reach the Pokhara airport this morning.

Great morning begin with a great sunrise.

Ready to board our plane.

Out of sudden, these majestic mountain range just clearly visible from the sky.

Cockpit view from the third row.

Propeller that accompany me along throughout the flight, haha!

The view from the cockpit.

Welcome to Jomsom! What a view upon our landing!

Pokhara - Nepal

November 2018

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