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Upper Mustang Trek: Day 7

The rest in Lo Manthang was superb, and to be assure that hot water supply was available in the early morning for us was probably warmest feeling we could ask for! After having breakfast together in our accommodation, we split to two group, Samantha will be escorted by Buddha to visit villages to the west of Lo Manthang, while the rest of us departing north east towards Chhoser Valley, with major highlight to visit Jhong Cave there.

The one way walk itself was around 9 KM, and we spend nearly two hours of walk before we reach Chhoser Valley. However, the walk itself wasn't a bored one as it truly offered some of the best view Upper Mustang could offer along the way, different mountain surface, flowing river, beautiful village, and happy foreigners that slowly making the way over just like us, happily greet and smile to each other. That was such a healthy environment to be in even all of us was under extreme hot sun that morning.

Let the walk begin!

Those weird shape did looked like crop circle.

But in fact those were farms land in various shape.

A man that escorting few cows from Lo Manthang all the way to Chhoser Valley.

Beautiful village of Nenyul by a river.

Fabian overlooking Nenyul village from a huge stone.

Another group of tourists went pass us, as they were riding on horses!

Bypassing village of Arka.

The signboard indicate that we were close to our destination today.

Started to see mountain with lots of cave scattered all over the mountain.

Before entering Chhoser Valley, we will have to purchase a combo tickets for 1000 rupee to visit the area. We first move our self to the very deep of the valley to visit highlight of the day, Jhong Cave. The path leading there required some minor hike, and once we were standing in front of it, we immediately got shocked with the otherworldly scenery that we were seeing, it just looked like an giant ant colony embedded into the mountain! This place was an incredible cave dwelling site which was 5 stories high and contain of more than 40 rooms. You will be able to navigate around through ladder and tunnel available. It was believed to be exist probably 2500 years ago, and has been since inhabited on and off throughout a very long period. It was being said it was once a meditation place for Llama as well.

Minor hike that we need to go through in order to reach Jhong Cave.

Magnificent first peek on Jhong Cave!

All those cave, it looked like some giant ant colony from my perspective!

Heading to the cave entrance by the series of stairs.

Probably a giant ant might appeared from the cave?

Turn around to enjoy the view high up from the cave entrance.

And a giant ant just appear out of nowhere blocking my way!

Navigate into the cave using the ladder.

The praying flags scattered in one of the room.

Some antic stored inside a cabinet.

Kumar and Ramzee make their way up here as well.

Sneak peek from one of the window.

One of the many tunnel inside the cave system.

Another series of windows, notice that the right one looked like a heart shape.

A comforting view from the cave's window on the Chhoser Valley.

Another random room inside the cave.

There was a small soccer court just in front of Jhong Cave.

After visited Jhong cave, we then continue our path back to the village area to visit Nymphu Gompa and Garphu Gompa. Both Gompa was full of spiritual energy and historical paining all over the painting, but the one thing that amaze me the most was the snow mountain range bordering both Nepal and China which can be clearly seen on the way to Garphu Gompa. I was stunned with the magnificent view and couldn't able to get rid of my view away from it!

Continue our way to the village area.

A dog resting under warm sun.

Getting closer to the village.

The red striking building by the cliff was our next destination.

We were ready to visit this historical Nymphu Gompa.

The rule was respected, in which no photo or video was allowed inside the temple premises. Hence all the observation within stay in memories.

Ramzee leading the way to visit the next destination on the other side of the village.

Beautiful mountain range far away ahead, which I believe was bordering both Nepal and China.

Even the clouds shape was so fabulous, a jaws that have its mouth open widely?

Final destination for the day, Garphu Gompa.

Another group of travelers from the same guesthouse that we stayed came to visit Chhoser Village as well, by using jeep.

Another dog that rest peacefully under warm sun in the monastery premise.

Making our way back to the entrance.

We have to passing the river using the newly built bridge.

Another look back the beautiful mountain range to the north.

Back to the entrance to Chhoser Village, from a different route.

A spacious dining hall which was great for having a rest.

Delicious Waiwai that refill our energy before the return journey back to Lo Manthang.

Before leaving Chhoser Valley, we have a quick lunch to fill our stomach with Waiwai from Shelker Guest House, which was just next to the ticket counter. It have a very spacious dining hall with good lighting, hence was a very good spot for us to take a rest before another 9 KM back to Lo Manthang. We basically took the same path back and half way of it, Mandy manage to negotiate with a guy on the black horse, offering a ride all the way back to Lo Manthang. Although it was the same path that we went through in the morning, but I still enjoying the walk very much even with the same scenery, it was just never enough for me!

Two way walk today was around 18 KM in distance.

Passing by the Stupa and we were on our way back now.

With my comrades with the Stupa.

Two oranges in action on the road.

Few horses was having their meal on a dry up farm.

The widen view towards Chhoser direction.

This guy seem to discover a business opportunity.

There was still long road to go to get us back to Lo Manthang.

Hence Mandy make a right move to ride on the black horse.

We try to keep up our pace with them.

But not too long, they were just too fast.

The travelers group with horses went pass us once again.

The long road wasn't boring anyhow as I still enjoy these view very much.

The road leading to steep uphill.

Probably not that steep but still it required massive effort to went pass it.

Mandy and Kumar was so far ahead by now as we start to get exhausted.

A small ruin on the top of a small hill.

Finally, we back to Lo Manthang! The red wall high up was the outer wall of the walled city.

We supposedly to went back early to complete our post card write up and to be stamp here at Lo Manthang, however the post office was not opened due to Diwali festival. We spend the evening have coffee break again at Mystique Coffee Shop, and visited various shops on the main street, while having some conversations with the local on their life here and also understand more about Lo Manthang. Before the night approached, me and Fabian having a loop through the outer walled city for sight seeing, but went back our guest house quickly as the night turn extremely cold quite early that day. It was Diwali night, important festival for Hindus, hence Kumar get us some beer and mutton curry as additional dishes to make the celebration merrier!

The only down part for the day was Samantha not feeling well after her day trip and keep on resting in the room. The team keep on monitored her condition and feed her necessary medicine from time to time. It got a bit better later on, and hopefully everything gonna be fine the next day when we woke up.

A warm evening before the sunset.

A walk along the street.

It was way too cold with strong wind, let us quickly heading back to our guesthouse.

Chhoser Valley - Nepal

November 2018

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