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Upper Mustang Trek: Day 8

First thing in the morning, prior to wash up or breakfast, the most important matter was to check Samantha's condition and thanks God that she felt much better now after a long rest throughout the night. After going through a day without have to pack, we done our packing and have our breakfast with ease before departing down south from Lo Manthang. It was a cloudy morning, which in fact great for trekking. The first hike not too far from Lo Manthang was a offer beautiful view on the surrounding until it reach to the pass which a telecommunications tower was located. The once forbidden kingdom have to move towards transformation and modernize path as well, somehow.

Thanks Lo Manthang for unforgettable memories instead!

A herd of cows leading the way today.

The cloudy morning which partially shades the sun light for us.

Even after some distance we still can see the snow mountain range bordering both Nepal and China up north.

A rest point with a view!

Hanging prayer flags indicate that we reach yet another high pass, but there was another one up higher.

Lots of trekkers having fun time shooting for a memory shot here at the high pass.

The trek today was all the way passable by motorize vehicle, it was basically the main road connecting Charang and Lo Manthang. Hence although not too much, but trekkers might facing the sand dust result from these vehicle from time to time when they pass through us somehow. On the road descending from the telecommunication tower, we saw the junction towards the deep valley to the left, understand that it was direction towards Yara which was in our initial plan, but after considering our condition and difficulty of it, we decided to reroute back using similar route we took all the way from Jomsom.

Upper Mustang was a mystical mysterious place anyhow, so we let Yara to be the mysterious part of it beneath our hearts.

The trek along the motorize path most of the time today.

Passing through some armies camp on the road side.

Another cave structure along the way, there was so many of them scattered throughout Upper Mustang!

"Spending time with you is so precious and I love every minute that we are together" - From Mandy to Bubu the dinosaur.

A cute dog that escort my trek most of the time, such a lovely one!

As usual, both Ramzee and Buddha walk very fast along the trek, probably they prefer to have a more rest while waiting for us.

Few donkeys carrying some loads on their back.

From very far away, Charang village somehow visible into our sight.

Taking a rest, while enjoying the view towards the village direction.

After around 11 KM of walk, we can finally see the village of Charang, wait, opposite of a huge gorge once again! That was the moment we all scream within our heart once again, where was the god damn hanging bridge? Without any alternative, the only way for us to reach the village was again descend down all the way to the riverbank, and ascend again from the opposite side of the gorge crossing a wooden bridge. It seems relatively easy, but in fact crossing this gorge itself basically get all of us relatively exhausted.

The overall distance covered today until Charang was about 13 KM.

However, there seem to be no direct route to the village, but going all the way down the gorge.

The village was just opposite, where was the hanging bridge to cross the gorge?

The village of Charang, just up there on the opposite direction of the gorge.

Without a choice, the only way was to go down.

Through this rocky trail, watch your step carefully, do not step on loose stone!

The view towards the mountain area, where Ghar Gompa was located.

The view towards the river bank.

Crossing the bridge.

Passing yet another Stupa before ascending, which we met few trekkers resting there.

The trail then lead to open path all the way to the village, we experience a tornado went through us during the walk here!

The feeling of series of audience looking at us from the mountain opposite.

Fabian reaching the village safely, but he seem stunned, unsure why.

Samantha reaching the village safely!

Finally, Mandy make it safely to Charang as well, kudos!

Walk our way to the accommodation today.

We check in to Kailash Hotel in Charang today, which operated by one handsome guy name Tenzin which he himself cover most of the works in the hotel. He was very fluent in English, love to ride bike, and have himself modernize with smart phone usage that came along with ultra fast internet connection here in the Himalayan, surprisingly! He was quite shy at first, but slowly we get along better and we start to have a lot of quality chat along. He mentioning about China going to build a railway all the way from Tibet, crossing Upper Mustang through Nepal, and all the way into India, as part of their ultimate one belt one road project for transportation. Other that that, there was also domestic airport in progress near to Charang, which will further shorten the distance from outside world into Upper Mustang. We were glad that we came for the visit, probably at the best time to witness the transformation of Upper Mustang, and also the purest part of it which still remains in some places. This young guy also have a dream of further his studies in New York, and settling down there, we hope the best for him for his dream to come true soon!

Our stay today, Kailash Hotel.

The kitchen and dining hall in Kailash Hotel. Some classic video captured here about someone imitating a classic Indian song which make everyone laugh so hard but he refuse to let me post it.

Mutton fried rice by Tenzin, yummy!

Tenzin brought us in for a visit into a praying room of the hotel in which a monk being invited to do some butter sculpture inside. It was said that these butter sculpture will be used as replacement for offering instead of killing living animal, for the religious praying ceremony.

In the late evening, Kumar escort us to visit the Royal Palace and Charang Gompa on the edge of the village, overlooking mountain that really look like hoodoos in Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah! Today trekking was rather short, but it was good we have some extra times and energies to have a deeper exploration on this beautiful village. The night time we continue to have long conversation together with Tenzin, and he seem very happy as well to have friends to chat along through the freezing night. Yeah, as simple as that, we evolve the business relationship into a friendship instead.

Kumar leading the way for village exploration.

Heading to the ancient Royal Palace.

A small lake opposite of the palace.

The door wasn't open hence we just have a look on it from the outside.

This scenery reminds me of the hoodoos in Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, which each of the structure looked like spectator in a stadium!

Charang Gompa as seen from the Royal Palace.

Multiple Stupa on our way to the Gompa.

Entrance to the Gompa.

Samantha walked pass the prayer wheel in the Gompa.

The main praying building in the Gompa.

Soft sun light bright up the village of Charang, such a calming and comfortable view.

Kumar try to prank Mandy on the corner, but failed haha!

The location map of Tsarang, the other name for Charang village.

The lobby area of Kailash Hotel.

Both Mandy and Fabian happily helping Tenzin to prepare the dinner tonight.

I know it was a freezing night, but it seem someone plan to sleep directly with his down jacket. Was it really that cold?

Charang - Nepal

November 2018

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