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Upper Mustang Trek: Day 9

After a satisfying breakfast via Kailash Hotel, it was time to say goodbye to Tenzin and continue our journey home. It was a modern day and the easiest way to keep contact was to add each other as friends in Facebook. We have a group photo together with Tenzin outside his hotel and start to walk our way towards destination of the day, Ghiling through Ghami from different route. Mandy get herself a complimentary ride by Tenzin all the way to Ghami, and she keep on repeated that she seem tried all the different transportation here in Upper Mustang and she felt proud of it!

The contact for the Kailash Hotel, absolutely recommended!

Our group photo together with Tenzin.

Buddha seem to love this bike very much.

Herd of sheep on the edge looking for foods.

Went pass this beautiful Chorten, and we were officially exit the beautiful village of Charang.

After walking over a Stupa, we saw few shepherd leading their respective herd of sheep and we were sharing the path with them. Walking along with these cutie definitely make the walk even more interesting, and I was amaze on how discipline they could be even when travelling for quite long distance to the other village. The ascending portion getting not that tough, which I think mostly due to accompany by these sheep, thanks a lot!

Massive amount of sheep on the road just like us!

A shepherd with smaller herd of sheep of his own.

Samantha a.k.a part time shepherd on the road.

The cow at the top looked sacred with its face in white!

Final peek at the village of Charang.

Another shepherd with mostly black sheep in his group.

Both of the shepherds have to collaborate to ensure both group not mixed up.

The herd of black sheep taking a break for food.

Another herd of white sheep looking for their dry grass for food under soft sun light.

Hey, wait for me!

Great job done by Tenzin for giving a ride to Mandy to Ghami, take care buddy and all the best to you!

Almost hitting the top of the pass behind descending.

Samantha and Kumar taking a minor break on the road.

After passing through the highest pass between Charang and Ghami, we were welcome by a very beautiful curvy road descending all the way down. Of course the curvy road was for the motorize vehicle, hence we taking various shortcut instead for the descending, which was quite challenging due to loose rocks along the way as well as its steepness. After getting down to the flat level, I start to recognize the location we were at, which was few centralized Stupa which believed to be the location Guru Rinpoche slayed the liver and heart of the devil, which was later on buried at Ghar Gompa. To the south of it was the longest Mani Wall in Upper Mustang, which the devil's intestine believed to be buried underneath it. Crossing a bridge, and it bring us back to the village of Ghami to reunite with Mandy, and we have a quick break via Royal Mustang Hotel once again to have our lunch before proceeding with the second half of the trekking today.

The beautiful curvy road that lead the way to Ghami.

Of course for us, we took the short cut instead, although it was quite steep and slippery!

The flat ground after went through the challenging descending.

The area that believe to be where the liver and heart of the devil that slayed by Guru Rinpoche felt.

The bloody red mountain of Dhakmar just at the north of the Stupa.

The longest Mani Wall in Upper Mustang, which under neath of it was the intestine of the devil slayed by Guru Rinpoche.

Walking along these legendary wall full of stories was astonishing.

We can now see the village of Ghami just opposite of the gorge.

Hey both of you, don't play while crossing the hanging bridge, safety first!

The subsequent distance, crossing Nyi La all the way towards Jhaite was the exact same route that we used on the way towards Lo Manthang, hence we were quite familiar with the challenges that awaited us there. It supposed to be quite a challenging uphill, but unsure why we manage to reach Nyi La much earlier than we expected, probably after long time situated in high elevation area, we started to get used to these environment. The sun ray today hitting on the various path on the ground from Nyi La pass was so beautiful today! Although the similar path, but still I enjoy the walk very much. From Jhaite, we take a path to the left, passing through a lot of sea buckthorn plants along the way, and finally we reached Ghiling village safely.

The distance today was around 20 KM.

As usual, both of them always leading the path.

Goodbye Ghami!

The Mani Wall still can be seen very far away, near to the bloody red mountain of Dhakmar.

The pass might not looked too far away, but it definitely required quite a lot of effort to reach there.

We always felt relieved when seeing both of them on the roadside, which mean we can also take some rest as well!

A steep uphill all the way towards Ghami La.

The familiar view from the Ghami La.

More ascending required before we can reach Nyi La.

The shepherd earlier, getting his herd of sheep to grab some grass as a break.

Familiar view from Nyi La, so many different path to go for on the ground level.

Both Fabian and Mandy also stunned with the astonishing view from here.

Taking the steep downhill that we went through few days ago down to Jhaite.

Say hi to my comrades!

The absolute gorgeous view all the way from Jhaite to Ghiling, truly remarkable!

Samantha stop occasionally for a minor break, while enjoying the view.

Finally, we reached the village of Ghiling! It was quite a long trek today!

After checking to the hotel, we start to feel the exhaustion and folks getting too tired to go out and explore the village anymore. We then just climb up to the roof top of New Kunga Hotel, and just relax our self there while enjoying the remarkable view towards the direction on Ghiling Gompa which was high up in the mountain. I get to see many kids waving and say hello to us from the ground, hence I grab the Vitamin C that Samantha brought along the way and went down to share those with them, they love it so much and some even came to grab extra from me! Today was Ramzee birthday, and secretly we place additional pizza and beer and celebrate together with him during the dinner time, glad to see that he enjoy it very much!

Crossing the village to reach our accommodation.

Our accommodation today, New Kunga Hotel.

Our room, quite organized!

The view from the roof top of the hotel.

Another side of the view, great scenery with Ghiling Gompa high up on the mountain.

Truly amazing seeing the cloud's shadow keep changing the shade on the Gompa, the cloud just move extremely fast here!

Fabian busy setting up time lapse shot on these moving cloud with Ghiling Gompa.

Towards to the direction where we came from today, the soft sun light did made the scenery looked so comfortable and peaceful.

The main hotel building, whose's head was there up there on the roof?

Looked at these cute little kids!

Having fun by just running around the village, which no longer the activities the kids in urban city today.

A cow with earring posing for a shot!

Kumar helping on the kitchen for our dinner.

Extra pizza for the dinner tonight, happy birthday Ramzee!

Ghiling - Nepal

November 2018

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