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Upper Mustang Trek: Day 10

The combination of Chapati and peanut butter as breakfast becoming one of my favorite, firstly was the taste suit me well, and secondly of course it offered me lot of energy for the trekking journey that await us every day. Leaving the village of Ghiling, we started our trek today, destination Samar.

Yesterday we enjoy the long and comfortable descending all the way from Jhaite to Ghiling, and today there was a price to pay back today as we need to go through a tough hike very early in the morning, to elevate for 300 meters and link back the route near to the beautiful Chorten via Syangboche La. It was truly tough for us as we still yet to get enough warm up this early for this challenge, but yet we still manage to handle it slowly and safe! We have a minor break in Syangboche, meeting some familiar face with smile, and witness the hotel owner slaying a sheep on a small garden area. The scenery was quite bloody, but it was all right for me understand that it was the main source of food for these people here, and also travelers like us. After all, this was the nature of food chain system. Take away the bloody part, when the hotel owner cleaning the intestine of the sheep, the massive of amount of shit the being cleansed from it just look almost like the bubble in the milk tea which was a sensational hit in Malaysia recent day! It make me feel dilemma when eating those bubble today, feeling that I was eating those shit! Probably good way to prevent myself from these unhealthy drink after all.

Goodbye, village of Ghiling that we barely explore its surrounding.

I can't even recall which was the exact way we went through for the challenging early hike today.

Familiar Chorten, here we are back to Syangboche La.

Familiar place, familiar Syangboche.

The slayed sheep.

The hotel owner cleaning up its inner organs.

The head of the slayed sheep. RIP.

The so call bubble cleaned up from the intestine!

We choose to take the motorize path through Bhena all the way to Samar, as we have already trek through the path that passing Chungsi Cave. Well, it might be just because we not dare to experience the same nightmare twice. However, the motorize path wasn't easy at all as it continue to elevate non-stop until we reach the highest point of the day, Yamda La at 4010 meters above sea level. This spot was truly spectacular, as it make you feel like you was on the very top of the world, overlooking massive mountain range throughout the area. Of course, lots of photo snapped here, and fair amount of time well spend enjoying these scenery as well.

Taking the motorize path this time from Syangboche.

The absolute gorgeous view accompanied us throughout the way.

The highest point today up there, Yamda La.

Samantha posing at Yamda La.

Beautiful snow mountain along with countless praying flags here at Yamda La.

Syangboche still can be seen clearly from Yamda La, but it was already quite some distance away.

Fabian posing at Yamda La.

Chungsi Cave should be somewhere down there.

Me via Yamda La.

Ramzee was also impress with the magnificent view here.

This rare grassland in Upper Mustang, could be massively beautiful during spring or summer season.

Not too far away from Yamda La, we reached Bhena village, not sure if it can be called a village as it seem to be just a single house can be seen here. Along with our group, there was also another group of bikers was here waiting to have a lunch break as well. The lady owner seem can't cater with these much of people coming at once, hence Kumar and Samantha offering their warm help in the kitchen in order to prepare food for all these people, well done! While waiting for our food and having rest at the same time, I did spend a lot of time playing around with the cute daughter of the owner. Although we not sharing any common language, but the time spend having fun together was a precious one, as I felt sympathy for her too as there was no other children with similar age to play around there with her. It was more than a year now as I do the write up now, I truly hope that she continue to grow happily and healthy there!

Me and the cute little girl having lots of fun during our short lunch break via Bhena.

A peek back to Bhena and the scenery nearby.

We reached Bhena La just a short way from Bhena, and it was a steep downhill from this point onward. Here come the similar view of the village of Samar, with two gigantic gorges before it, and the deep ascend that we went through almost a week ago to Chungsi Cave. It was a tough journey, but when the memories flash back, the journey was kinda memorable and it was now a precious memory that I glad experiencing it. Passing the two familiar gorges was still tough, but knowing that Samar village was close did make us feel energetic on our steps. We choose to stay at Himali Hotel & Lodge which we have our lunch earlier, and indeed it was a smart choice as the hot shower provided here was even better then the one we have in Lo Manthang, by far the best in Upper Mustang! The temperature in the room was quite warm and comfortable as well, last but least their curry mutton rice was exceptional great as well!

The distance covered today was roughly around 12 KM.

Minor break at Bhena La.

Yet another familiar scenery there.

I knew it, the two gigantic gorges and Samar!

Steep descending all the way from Bhena La.

Memories flash back, after the gorges, immediately another steep mountain awaiting us all the way to the top!

Fabian: I don't want to go down to the gorges again!

Well, we don't have a choice anyhow.

Finally, after massive hard works, we reach Samar and it was time to have some really comfortable rest!

The view from Himali Hotel & Lodge's roof.

Back to familiar dining hall in Himali Hotel & Lodge.

Samar - Nepal

November 2018

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