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Upper Mustang Trek: Day 12

I started a new trekking session from my Fenix 3 watch after the accident yesterday, and started our last day of trek in the Upper Mustang district. The atmosphere was quite relaxing today and the trek wasn't that tough, with an exception of a challenging hike from Tangbe village to Tangbe Apple Farm. We met a group of two seniors with four children resting near to the apple farm, while we also having a break there after the tough hike. Kumar have some conversation with them and it seem like the whole group just walk all the way out from their village to welcome one of their children which study outside of Mustang district home! Now they just happily reunited and enjoy their way home all the way to Ghiling village, which was 2 days of trek for us! It was lovely to see how harmony the family was, and I give the kids all the remaining vitamin C tablets I left with me as they was loving it very much.

They have to trek these long just to welcome their kid or siblings home by their own legs, yet I can feel the happiness spreading on the air. This again proven my belief, Happiness lies in Contentment.

The last peek on the series of caves high up at the mountain.

The beautiful Kali Gandaki river bank.

Beautiful Tangbe village in the morning.

Few cows having their food at Tangbe village.

Still wondering how these shape was formed on the slopes?

Toughest hike of the day!

Steeper and harder to climb beyond picture can describe!

Farewell to a beautiful families! Stay healthy and stay happy!

Buddha and Ramzee leading the trek as usual.

We keep on jokes that the cliff opposite looked like Tiramisu cake!

Can now see the village of Kagbeni from here.

Tiri village looked more yellowish compare to our sighting nearly two weeks ago.

Few more donkeys used as carrier on the trek.

We returned to beautiful Kagbeni!

We manage to reach Kagbeni at about 11:30 AM and officially completed our 12 days Upper Mustang trek with distance completed for the day was around 13 KM. By following the standard procedure, we reported our self back to the tourist check point in Kagbeni. Kumar with the alignment with Dipendra earlier, settle the expected penalty payment and we off to check in to our stay today, Annapurna Lodge which was just located opposite of Hotel Nilgiri View which we stayed during the first night. Annapurna Lodge certainly offered a way better accommodation if doing the comparison and we glad this was the stay we have during the last day of the trekking journey! We were starving waiting for our food via the dining hall as their serving was rather slow, but yet the food was extremely good!

The step that marked the end of our Upper Mustang trekking adventure!

Waited eagerly for our lunch via the dining hall.

Our rooms with build in toilet! Yeah, this was the only one throughout the trek!

Definitely a great place to stay here via Kagbeni.

We just want to have a comfortable noon to recap our trekking adventure together, hence we went back to Cafe Applebee wishing to have a relax time while enjoying some nice coffee there. We met group of Malaysian that doing ACT route (Annapurna Circuit Trek) was having some drinks there as well, hence we just politely greeting them as usual and sharing our journey with them. However, one of them start to make some sarcastic statement about Upper Mustang trek was meant only for rich people or showboat to prove that they were rich, which truly make us frustrated and just cut off the conversation with immediate effect! From the look on one of the guy which look like a leader to the team, he seem to feel sorry as well for the statement, but probably just nothing he can do.

That totally spoil our mood that afternoon, and we decided to just leave these toxic environment as quickly as we could. During the walk back, we went pass the so call local McDonald here in Kagbeni, Yak Donald, and I suggested we have another round of drinks here. It was a restaurant initially but we told them we was full and just wish to have some coffee. The waitress happily serve us, and their coffee was significantly nice as well! Slowly, we start to forget the bad encounter earlier, and spend the rest of the evening peacefully and fun here in Yak Donald.

After another good dinner via Annapurna Lodge, we did not stayed long in the dinning hall and went back to our room. Guess what? Yeah, that rude guy was staying here at the same place again! Luckily our room was situated on the basement level, which quite some distance from the lobby. We got to enjoy a very fun and happy night chatting inside the room all night long!

Back to Applebee, but mood being spoiled here by unethical people.

Change the environment, and end up having great time here in Yak Donalds!

Simple coffee that make my day!

Luxury dinner here in Kagbeni!

RELIVE - Upper Mustang Trek

Kagbeni - Nepal

November 2018

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