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Goodbye Mustang!

It was a freezing morning in Muktinath Valley, we complete our breakfast early and rushing down to bus station to ensure that we able to hop on first bus in the morning to bring us back to Jomsom. There was a delay on the bus schedule, and the team decided to hire a private jeep for 4000 rupee instead as it was truly cold that morning! It took around an hour to reach Jomsom and we walked through the familiar route back to the Majesty Hotel, that we will stay for a day. Both Ramzee and Buddha will be leaving by bus that afternoon, hence we decided to buy them, of course Kumar as well, a well deserved quality lunch in Majesty Hotel as a token of appreciation for ensuring our adventure complete with huge success! Although there was some hiccup along the trek, but in a nutshell, they truly did a great job!

The only way to kill time warmly was to have a hot tea or coffee from this small shop.

Can't stand anymore, get a private jeep to Jomsom instead.

Back to magnificent photo frame in Jomsom!

The familiar walk to Jomsom.

Back to Hotel Majesty for another day of rest before leaving Mustang region.

The interior design of Majesty Hotel.

Superb sizzling chicken for my lunch with the team!

Thanks for the great service along the way!

We visited the post office in Jomsom in order to get our postcards stamp and delivered out accordingly, as we missed the opportunity to do so in Lo Mantang due to Diwali festival that day. Later on, the bus arrived via the main street, and it was time to say goodbye to both Ramzee and Buddha, hoping all the best for them! Since there was now free Wi-fi available here in the hotel, we spend the lazy evening just resting and get back to the norm of facing the phone all the time.

What everyone doing there surrounding a small table?

We was in post office getting our postcards to be stamp before putting into post box.

Done posting all of our postcards, well done!

The view on the way to the post office.

Lazy afternoon, when internet was available for me. XD

Thanks for the great services along the way, Buddha and Ramzee, safe trip home!

Blended drinks from Himalayan Java was just so good!

Bought a bottle of apple brandy home, but the taste not really suit us.

Same dish for the dinner, it was just too good!

The cloud shine brightly early in the morning.

Soft sunlight start to bright up Nilgiri Himal peak.

End up it seem from this direction you can't see the effect of the sunlight bright up the peak.

Having our breakfast, and it was time to leave Mustang.

Depart early the next day on our flight back to Pokhara, this time I board the plane early, give up the window seat and went on to the closest

seat behind the cockpit. I think that gave us the best 3rd person view perhaps on a flight simulation. Landed via Pokhara later on, and it was another goodbye to both Samantha and Kumar, as they need to depart back to Kathmandu on the same day, while the rest of us will spend few more days in Pokhara. Safe trip back to Singapore Samantha!

Waiting for boarding from the airport's lobby.

Waiting for our plane to arrive.

Exterior view of Jomsom airport.

Our plane finally arrived!

Here come our TARA air plane.

Time to board the plane.

Real life 3rd person flight simulation!

Yeah, that was how close we were with the cockpit!

Window seat, as expected, mostly blocked by the huge propeller.

Thanks for the smooth flight, pilots!

Welcome back to Pokhara!

Jomsom - Nepal

November 2018

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