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A Lake Above the Ocean

We walked along the lake and came to almost the edge of it, with the view of the Atlantic Ocean came into picture, along with the perpendicular rock wall of Trælanípa. The trail now lead the way to hike Trælanípa a.k.a Slave's Rock which was 142 meters upward from the sea level. The name of Slave's Rock origin have to be trace back over to Viking Age, where the Viking pushed them off the cliff here towards the ocean as punishment to disobedient slaves.

The Slave's Rock.

A chair for you to take a rest, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

The view from the chair.

How nice it was to be this close to mother nature at the very morning of the day.

Someone was already there at the peak of Trælanípa.

Time to do some hike!

Can't wait to witness the iconic image of Faroe Islands.

From the top of it, and viewing back towards the lake of Sørvágsvatn along with the high cliff and ocean, you are now witnessing probably the most iconic view here in Faroe Islands, the lake above the ocean! However, it was just an optical illusion, as the lake itself was just 30 meters above the sea level. The cliff area wasn't that huge, but having a quiet sit or just slowly wandering around here for its surrounding and atmosphere, was probably the best experience we have throughout the trip!

Here the iconic view in Faroe Islands!

Wasn't it looked like the lake was floating over the ocean here?

We try to get as close as we could by the cliff for a best shot on the extraordinary view.

Possibly the most astonishing optical illusion scenery ever!

When the calm lake met the fierce ocean.

The peak opposite was actually much higher than the one we were here at Trælanípa.

The lady just stand there calmly enjoy the scenery for quite some times.

The view stretching out towards the Atlantic Ocean.

Time to fly some drone!

Drone shot over the Slave's cliff.

Drone shot stretching over to the Atlantic Ocean.

Briseis with the astonishing view point.

The view of the calm lake of Sørvágsvatn with partial of the Miðvágur village.

Seem like the only cabin throughout the opposite side of the lake.

Apple with the calm lake.

And over the village of Miðvágur.

Our backpacks placed on the ground there.

Blurry yet beautiful cliff along the sea.

Happy Tree over the trail that we came along through.

Once again, the island of Koltur!

Breathtaking scenery of the only cabin over the calm lake of Sørvágsvatn.

The wind getting stronger as you start to see the wave on the lake now.

Thanks for the great weather for our visit here today!

Heading down the the waterfall now.

We spend probably 2x or 3x of times than our original allocation here, but everyone agreed that it was indeed worth every penny spend! Carry on our backpacks, we head down the cliff all the way to reach Bøsdalafossur Waterfall. The waterfall flows from the lake of Sørvágsvatn into the Atlantic Ocean with the height of 30 meters. The trail wasn't that clear all the way from the cliff hence I keep on finding alternative road all the way until I reach to the waterfall itself, but the rest of the team chose to have a view on the waterfall from higher ground perspective. Well, at least I have the waterfall all to myself by the edge of it, just few meters away, just occasionally they shouted me to stand aside so that they could grab a pictures of the fall from high, crap!

On the way down, it was still rather white on the surrounding.

Come on guys, follow me down here!

Getting closer to the waterfall.

Closest I could get, from a safe distance.

But others have alternate plan to just take some shots from up there!

To be precise, the waterfall wasn't that stunning, but the view along the cliff undoubtedly amazing!

My shoefie with the amazing view of the waterfall along the cliff.

Goodbye Bøsdalafossur waterfall!

Out of a sudden, the surrounding become green once again!

Time to team up with the rest before marching back.

Trælanípa - Faroe Islands

April 2019


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