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A Refreshing Morning in Miðvágur

Wake up in the midnight on the comfy sofa, and totally can't recall when I actually get into the sleep here a night earlier. In another word, it was a quality deep sleep. I was all energized this early, and seeing there was sufficient times before the morning plan, I decided to have some walks around the village of Miðvágur by myself.

The plan came so sudden that I don't even know where to go, and suddenly the special island that caught my attention a day earlier came into my mind. Therefore, I walk myself toward east side of the village, and reach a grassland high up by the road side, which offered me a spectacular viewpoint to enjoy it! The name of the island was Koltur, and was originally abandoned by farmers on 1980s, and since then only two people have returned on 1994. There was a plan aim by the government to get Koltur to be classed as National Park in the future.

I enjoy so much doing nothing and just relax with these astonishing scenery in front of me! Truly a very refreshing morning!

Exactly how I drew houses during my childhood time.

Modern design house in the village.

Quiet street with only few cars in the morning.

I found you once again, the special island!

View of the island from a grassland by the main road.

Was it a 45 degree vertical on that island? What it feel like to hike there?

Hi, white sheep.

Hi, black sheep.

The name was the island was Koltur.

The village of Miðvágur from the grassland.

Truly a giant on the sea!

A lone house by a majestic mountain.

The view that these houses able to enjoy everyday! Envy!

Be careful when finding a spot to sit on the grassland here as very high chances you will sit on top of sheep's poop!

Two kids on their way to school, it was time to gather back with the rest in Jatnahouse.

Miðvágur - Faroe Islands

April 2019


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