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Bike Touring to Cameron Highland

60 KMs ++ with elevation of more than 1500 Meters, just looking at the route from Simpang Pulai to Cameron Highland make feel me feel impossible for me to complete it. However, despite of being negative, I tried to be optimistic and decided to give it all it to have this long overdue achievement unlocked! Thanks to the senior riders, Achiet, Ah King, and Ah Looi for the guidance and encouragement along the way, which I learned a lot from them about bike touring!

My ascend experience on this route:

-First 8 KMs from Simpang Pulai junction was rather flat with minor rolling

-Subsequent 20 KMs will bring you through series of Orang Asli villages and their stalls along the road, start to regret of carrying backpack with approximate 8 KGs of load on my back for this touring

-The next 11KMs distance from Gunung Suku trailhead all the way to Kedai Air Terjun was probably the toughest among the route today but we were glad that the shop is open for us to recharge or else it would be a nightmare for us!

-4KMs to go from Kedai Air Terjun and we reach the iconic Welcome to Cameron Highland alphabets on the rock! The subsequent route all the way to Westwood Highland at Kampung Raja, our home-stay was almost down hill all the way! Kudos everyone for the job well done!

Exhausted but still 'Gaya Mesti Ada'!

Ah Looi flying like flash up front hence wasn't in the wefie.

Hoping for Tapir to show its appearance!

Take a minor break before challenging climb up front.

Super glad that Kedai Air Terjun open for business that morning!

Lots of Koi on the small pond in front of the shop.

Full roster now! Feeling energetic after recharged!

The iconic Welcome to Cameron Highlands sign after crossing the Pahang border.

Dronie shot on the iconic landmark.

Relive - Cameron Highland Ascend

Our main objective was definitely the climb with our bike up here hence we try to avoid the tourism spot and crowd, after all it was a long holiday weekend with Awal Muharram festival public holiday! We decided to stay at Westwood Highland closer to Kampung Raja which wasn't tourism concentrate area such as Brinchang and Tanah Rata. We take a full dorm room with bunk beds with the rate of RM65 per pax per night, with self service breakfast included. Overall, if you are looking for a pure relaxation away from crowd up here in Cameron Highlands, this place perfectly fit for you!

My bike touring shifu gang!

The farm with lavender, gerbera flower, and white carrot just next to our home-stay.

This was where we park our bikes.

Outdoor table in common area and the kitchen on the very end.

The main entrance to the house.

The staircase lead to more rooms up there.

They also offer camping ground as well for more adventurous experience.

Yet another public outdoor seating.

The very unique fresh gerbera flower that caught my attention.

Shifu exploring the flower farm early in the morning.

The workers pluck the flowers and pack accordingly before send it out to the market.

The main entrance to the beautiful Westwood Highland.

Aerial view of the area, the home-stay is at the very middle in the photo with black roof.

Aerial view of Kampung Raja area and its surrounding.

Initially we plan for lots of stuff the next day to explore around Cameron Highlands but since the morning via the home-stay was too comfort, we keep dragging until almost noon before going for the leisure ride for the day. The distance all the way from Kampung Raja towards Kea Farm area was all the way uphill as well, but even though we ride in a very very slow pace, still we able to easily overtake those cars stuck in the terrible traffic on the road. Since there was so many point of interest along the main road, the traffic here was no joke especially in the holiday season like this.

To close the team bucket list, we have a photo session via BOH tea plantation zone, and also having a superb strawberries them milk shakes and ice cream via Puku Cafe! Definitely a must try here, located strategically at the entrance of Kea Farm Morning Market.

Tea plantation, checked!

Strawberries ice cream, checked!

Must try here at Kea Farm!

Relive - Cameron Highland Leisure Ride

The downhill began on the last day after a tough hike from Kampung Raja up to BHP petrol station via Blue Valley, in which we stock up some strawberries on our loads to bring back for friends and families. Can't imagine that we descend with averagely speed of 40-50 KMs and yet it took us more than an hour to reach Simpang Pulai! But that was proven of our hard work along the ascend few days back!

Never say no, give it your best shot and definitely you will make it!

Relive - Cameron Highland Descend

Cameron Highlands - Malaysia

August 2020


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