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Breathtaking view over Kvivik Village

My timing was great as the breakfast was ready as I back to Jatnahouse, and it started to rain a little outside. Hybrid brief that he will swap some itinerary as the weather today was predicted to be bad hence it wasn't suitable for long trekking initially planned today.

The new plan today will mainly focus on exploration on Streymoy Island, the most populated island here in Faroe Island. Departed sharp at 9 AM, we have a quick stop at Sandavágur first mainly to have a quick look at the very picturesque church! We did not stop for long as the strong wind keep hitting us and also the rain as well, on and off.

Stand out structure in the village of Sandavágur.

Looked like a LEGO wasn't it?

A soccer field next to the car park area.

We then passing through the under water Vágar Tunnel with the length of nearly 5KM to bring us over to Streymoy Island, and have a first stop near to village of Leynar, with most of the houses was build on high cliff. There was also a beach there with the name of Leynasandur.

Leynasandur beach and the bay of Vágafjørður.

The village of Leynar.

Continue down the road, we reach another village by the bay with the name of Kvivik. The village seems to be more concentrated with the houses all build close to each other. We parked the cars on the visitor car parks and only manage to explore for a while before the bad weather hit us again. However, Hybrid lead the road, drive up high to a truly breathtaking view point that able to over look the whole village, and the amazing bay of Vágafjørður as well. Once again, the Island of Koltur came into the picture as well, and it seem to be just everywhere!

A waterfall that flowed through the village of Kvivik.

A mallard hunting for food in the flowed water.

Closer look of the fall and the mountain behind the village.

Candy exploring the village.

What was that by the bay?

It seems to be Kvivik Church close to the bay.

The team found a great view point on these village houses.

Stopover for that great view of village by the bay.

Familiar Koltur Island again that seems to be everywhere!

Gorgeous view of these houses by the bay.

First car at the front. We drove 2 CRVs throughout the road trip.

Here it is, the breathtaking view of Kvivik village along with the bay of Vágafjørður!

Apple with the otherworldly viewpoint.

This was truly awesome.

Tree snapping photo with my camera from our moving car.

Briseis walking down the road for a better view of the fjord.

Any specific name for this place? No I supposed, it was just another random stop along the drive.

The sheep just resting comfortably by the fjord.

Kvivik - Faroe Islands

April 2019 #FaroeIslands

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