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City of Cyclists

It took us just less than an hour to arrive at Copenhagen Central Station all the way from Malmo, and strategically we only have to walk for around 500 Meters to reach our dormitories, the Steel House. However, the check in only permitted at 3PM, hence while Hybrid volunteered to stay in the lobby to do his works while taking care at our luggages, me and Briseis take a walk to Torvehallerne market to get some thing to fit our stomach. The distance was only around 1.5 KM away from Steel House, and we even get to walk through a beautiful park, Ørstedsparken, combining with the chilling weather, it was very comfortable.

The Copenhagen Central Station.

The lobby at Steel House.

Street scenery in Copenhagen.

A memorial in Ørstedsparken park.

Walking trail in the park.

Beautiful and cozy park in the heart of a busy city.

Torvehallerne market consists of variety of goods ranging from fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh fish, meat, cheese, flowers, and also lots of ready to eats choices around which was perfect for tourists like us. It really took us a while to finalize our choice, grabbing some share platter from Hav2go, offering unusual salads pairing with different type of fishes, and Hallernes Smørrebrød for some real Danish style sandwiches. It cost us around 300 Danish Krona for the meals which was nearly RM200! Now we knew that Copenhagen is one of the most expensive city to live a life in the world.

The Torvehallerne market.

Hallernes Smørrebrød offering great Danish style sandwiches.

Hav2go offering unusual salads pairing with different type of fishes.

Not sure what fish head was that but it was damn huge!

Fresh vegetable at the outdoor market.

Variety colors of Gypsophila flower in the market.

Still can't make up the decision on the choices to fit our stomach.

A spice shop with a friendly owner.

To be on the safe side, we choose the two stalls with longest queues in the market, Hav2go and Hallernes Smørrebrød respectively!

My choices of dishes from Hav2go, two choice of fresh fishes and red cabbage.

These hand-peeled shrimps were just so good!

Liver combination with pickled beet root.

Playground at Israels Plads.

Pure friendship between the kids.

Copenhagen was also named City of Cyclists in which a statistic study on 2017 reveal that nearly 62% of the people here choose bike to work or study in the city. It sounds like without having a ride around with a bike here, we might not be able to feel that atmosphere completely, and probably the best option to see the most out of it with the limited time that we have here which was only lesser than a full day. I simply draft out a cycling route here we go after renting our bike directly from Steel House!

The 15 KM of route cover The Lake region, colorful Nyvahn waterfront, Amalienborg a.k.a home to royal Danish family, yet another beautiful Sakura trees spot in Churchillparken, and last but not least, the world famous bronze statue of Little Mermaid. Simple, convenient, and afforable!

Unlocks our bike and here we go!

Very different way of lighting up the streets here in Copenhagen.

Cyclists everywhere, and the cyclists lane was very wide.

Hybrid at The Lakes region.

Beautiful scenery along these rectangular lakes.

Short clips shooting at the harbor.

A building with scattered with flat branches of tree.

The colorful water front of Nyhavn.

A sight seeing tourism boat sailing through the canal.

Once historical spot, today it was also a very happening entertainment district.

Love locks in Nyhavn.

The royal palace belongs to Frederik VIII's.

Bronze cast equestrian statue of King Frederik V mounted on a marble plinth & completed in 1771.

Frederik's Church, or popularly known as the Marble Church.

The Danish Royal Guards on duties at Amalienborg Palace.

Just the right timing to be here!

Briseis enjoying these beautiful Sakura with a big smile.

Close up view on these beauties!

What a great place for a jog!

Our bikes and the unreal scenery.

The world renowned Little Mermaid statue.

Relive - Copenhagen Cycling.

Cute little girl I met back in the hotel lobby.

The sunset beside the lake.

The entrance to Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park in Copenhagen.

Although we spend a night in dorms room of 4, but the environment was still very comfortable and secure, hence we able to have a very deep rest throughout the night. The next day afternoon was just roaming around the city center casually to do some sight seeing and shopping by foot. Back to Steel House lobby and just spend the rest of the afternoon lazily, before departing to airport, and finally, time to say goodbye to Scandinavia!

My hut for the night.

Your towel separate accordingly to your hut number.

The walking street of Strøget, Europe's longest pedestrian street.

Cute Danish Royal Guard cartoon on the walking street.

'So Much Internet, So Little Time'. Now with Movement Control Order due to COVID-19 pandemic, we have so both at the same time.

The Church of the Holy Spirit.

Stork Fountain at the heart of Strøget walking street.

Rundetaarn, a 17th-century tower which initially built as astronomical observatory.

The exterior look at the Steel House.

It was truly magical to jog around this lake region, and I blew the chance for overslept.

Copenhagen - Denmark

April 2019

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