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Doi Inthanon National Park Exploration

Today will be our last full day back in Chiang Mai region, and the plan today was to have complete exploration over Doi Inthanon National Park, which also known as 'The roof of Thailand'. The highest peak in whole Thailand was located here, with the height of 2565 Meters. The distance between our home-stay all the way to the park was around 70 KM in distance but it took us nearly 2 hours to reach due to heavy traffic along the way. We have to pay for the entrance fee at the gate which was 300 Baht for every foreign visitor. We have a quick stopover at the Wachirathan waterfall area. With the morning sunlight ray hitting the fall, we able to see rainbow color striking through the waterfall which was quite stunning!

Three generations in a glance.

The crowd at the Wachirathan waterfall.

Did you saw the slight rainbow reflected on the fall?

Leaving the waterfall, we continue to ascend on the main road all the way up about 22 KMs and we reached the trail head of a very famous trekking spot here in Doi Inthanon National Park, the Kew Mae Pan nature trail. As per assessment done earlier, we need to hire a local White Karen guide to lead the road in for the group of 7 of us. Although the lady can't talk any English at all but at least we can feel her presence and care along the trek which was truly appreciated. The trail was rated as easy trek but still involve quite a lot of staircase hence it was tiring for mum hence we keep the pace very slow. The trail filled with nature breeze with chilling temperature hence it was very enjoyable along the walk.

After nearly 30 minutes of slow walk, we finally reach to an open area that offer a superb panorama view high up the cloud! This place definitely the highlight of the trail hence the crowd at the area was no joke, hence we find opportunity to snap photos and quickly decide to make the move. Since the full loop of the trail involving lots more of down hill and climb, hence we get our guide to escort mum, Doris, and Terry back to the entrance using the same path while the rest of us proceed to complete the 4.5 KM loop of the Kew Mae Pan nature trail. The descend along the cliff was quite adventurous and hot without shade, and the trail later on lead the way back into the forest area. No doubt a must try trail if you happen to visit Doi Inthanon National Park!

The entrance to Kew Mae Pan nature trail.

Total of 21 checkpoints throughout the trail in the complete loop.

There will be a information board at each of the check point for tourist to further understand the ecosystem here.

Mum with a random waterfall on the trail.

Great to have a charming walk in the wild.

Well maintained wooden staircase available in some parts of the trail.

Taking a minor break before proceeding with the trail.

Reaching the open area without any shades.

The crowded Panoramic View spot.

The beautiful of the horizon line was simply astonishing.

Our guide escort mum, Doris, and Terry back to the entrance using the same trail.

While the rest of us continue to complete the loop!

Small villages scattered on the ground level.

The rolling greenery mountain as seen from the trail.

If you looked carefully on the plant here, you might discover some mossy on them as well.

A lone red leaf.

Kudos to everyone for completing the trail hence we have an early meal straight away from the cafe next to the entrance to Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail. After the recharge, we drive all the way to the peak which was the actual spot of the highest mountain in Thailand. We manage to explore a short distance natural trail but due to time constraint we have to skip the mossy covered Ang Ka Nature trail, maybe next time!

The sisters at the highest spot in Thailand.

Probably the highest altar in Thailand.

Mum praying on the altar with a big smile.

Group photo but miss out Terry who really doesn't like to being photographed.

It was 6 degrees here at 6 AM in the morning earlier.

Yellowish tree and blue sky, remind me of the time in US few years back.

It was 17 degrees currently, which was unexpectedly hot considering we were at the highest spot in Thailand!

The visit to Doi Inthanon National Park won't be complete without a visit to the Twin Pagoda which was built for the late King and Queen's 60th birthday. The grandeur of these pagodas was surrounded by equally stunning view all over the area. From the main roundabout, to the left was the late King's pagoda and you can enjoy the breezing view of the rolling greenery mountain just outside the structure. To the right was the late Queen's pagoda, and to the back of it was a very serene garden with varieties of flowers blooming beautifully. We spend probably an hour of quality time just relax and explore slowly in the area and it was truly worth the time for sure! The only thing to watch out was probably the crowd here, if you can, try to reach early to avoid the massive crowd for more peaceful visit here.

The ladies with the late King's pagoda.

The roundabout that only allow drop of or pick up, personal vehicle have to be park at the dedicated space on the main road side.

You can either hiking the stairs or taking the escalator to the right to get up to the pagodas.

The beautifully crafted roof top inside the late King's pagoda.

Mum exploring the interior of the late King's pagoda.

A well crafted decoration wall in the pagoda.

This beautiful wall was place outside the late King's pagoda wall.

The rolling mountain view from area.

Random photo-boom from a cheerful guy!

On our way to visit the late Queen's pagoda now.

The late King's pagoda from the Queen side.

Mum exploring the interior of the late Queen's pagoda.

The artworks all over the place was simply amazing in detail.

It seem both pagodas placed in such a way so that both of them always facing each other all the time.

The ladies on the garden behind the late Queen's pagoda.

The man make lake at the garden.

Beautiful flowers scattered everywhere here.

Doi Inthanon National Park - Thailand

December 2019


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