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Graph Cafe - Less is More

Last day in Chiang Mai, both myself and sister had plan to have a loop of run over the outer ring road of the Old City. The cool morning breeze was extremely comfortable for us to complete almost 7 KM loop of run, I am start considering to participate on the annual marathon event here next year! But looking at the Covid-19 pandemic condition, the plan might not work anymore for year 2020.

Our morning run circling the Old City.

Back to home-stay and take a quick bath, and I brought mum and aunts to visit all 3 famous temple inside the Old City area. We took the red truck all the way to Wat Phra Singh a.k.a the Gold Temple but the ticketing counter wasn't operating yet, hence we just walk our self freely into the compound. However the main temple was under renovation hence we just have brief visit before leaving for the next destination. We have a short walk over to Wat Chedi Luang and the ticket counter have proper control here, hence all decided to just have a quick glimpse from outside will do. Lastly, we arrived in Wat Chiang Man which was the oldest temple inside the old city, with famous stone elephants tower in it, very historical and ancient vibe exploring here.

Admission counter yet to open hence we roaming inside freely.

The scenery inside the Wat Phra Singh compound.

Comfortable weather with soft sun ray make the morning perfect!

One of the reason why it was called Gold Temple.

Too bad we couldn't visit the main temple as it was closed due to renovation.

The tree towards the left was quite symbolic as we reached Wat Chedi Luang.

The main compound of Wat Chedi Luang, but we did not enter.

Beautiful carving at the entrance of the temple.

Finally, visiting Wat Chiang Man, no admission ticket required.

The main temple compound of Wat Chiang Man.

The famous Stone Elephant Tower inside the temple.

The soft sun-ray blend perfectly with the morning scenery here.

Mum and the ancient Stone Elephant Tower in Wat Chiang Man.

Back to home-stay and I decided to bring mum to Graph Cafe which was the highlight of my limited coffee moment here in Chiang Mai, but it was truly the best one for sure! They specialize in cold brew coffee hence we start with Monochrome (combination of Espresso/Activated Charcoal/Vanilla/Milk) and Graph No.18 (nitro cold brew with orange and lime) and both of them was absolutely perfect! We slowly enjoy the relaxing moment with the drink without rush and I can't help myself to try another drink, Lost Garden (cold brew with rose water). After a while, the small cafe getting crowded with more tourists came for a drink hence we step out to free up some spaces for them.

Now I understand why Seok Lee's holiday in Chiang Mai never step out of the Old City region. Sometimes being lazy and doing nothing, while enjoying these brilliant coffee might probably be the best relaxation Chiang Mai have to offer, I will be back!

The ancient Old City drawing inside our home-stay.

Having a short walk over for a great coffee moment.

Here we are, the small and antique Graph Cafe.

Place our order and waited patiently for the drinks to be served.

For me - Monochrome (combination of Espresso/Activated Charcoal/Vanilla/Milk).

For Mum - Graph No.18 (nitro cold brew with orange and lime).

Love the vibe here very much along with superb coffee! Must try in Chiang Mai!

They also sell and promote roasted coffee beans from local farms.

Antique vibe wasn't it?

Add on drink for us - Lost Garden (cold brew with rose water).

More incoming crowds into the tiny area, hence leaving earlier in order to give space for others to enjoy as well.

Mum with some of our souvenirs back home via Graph Cafe.

Mum locking the door of our home-stay before leaving to airport.

Thanks for offering comfortable days of stay throughout our time in Chiang Mai!

Not to forget the Toyota Fortuner that accompany us for more than 1000 KMs of drive in North Thailand. Definitely a great deal from Chic Car Rent!

Graph Cafe - Thailand

December 2019


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