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Hunt for Nordic Sakura

It was a surprise for me that I can see some beautiful Sakura flowers at Scandinavia, so far away from Japan or Korea. Hence before get into sleep, I did some survey if there are better place at Malmo to view these beautiful flowers, and discover a place called Vattenpark close to Hyllie station. There will be some times in the morning for me to explore before we depart to Copenhagen, hence, that will be my solo plan next morning!

Both James and Alvin already depart to airport to continue their holiday in Switzerland when I wake up, miss the chance to wave goodbye to both of them. I took the train to Hyllie station, and grab myself a coffee from McD while having some good chat with the workers there. There was quite a lot of Sakura trees here in Vattenpark, but most of them wasn't fully blossom yet, probably the peak of it might only came in the next 1 or 2 weeks. However, I still enjoying myself very much accompanied by these marvelous scenery.

The morning at Triangeln station area.

Emporia Mall, one of the biggest one in Scandinavia.

Malmo Arena.

The entrance to Hyllie station.

One of the Sakura tree in Vattenpark.

Quite a number of trees here, but yet to be in their peak.

Some of the trees with white Sakura.

No matter how, it was still so beautiful to watch.

A branch of Sakura and the blue skies.

It was only me alone that treat these as gems in the park.

Will never forget my first real encounter of Sakura wasn't in Japan or Korea!

Still a lot of flower buds yet to bloom all over the trees here.

Since there are still time, I am thinking of to spend some time enjoying another cup of coffee at Slottsträdgården cafe that we passed by yesterday. Instead of Triangeln station, I travel all the way to Malmo Central Station, and have a walk through Stortoget Square again all the way to Slottsträdgården. Once again, the cafe only start its business at 11AM but by the time we should already start departing over to Copenhagen. Well, at least the Sakura trees in front of the cafe were still a superb one to enjoy! The exploration wasn't a waste at all!

Malmo Central Station.

The crowd in the station.

Walking through Södergatan in the morning.

A clock on St. Peter's Church.

St. Peter's Church, a gothic church dated back to 1300s.

The exterior details of Rådhuskällaren restaurant.

The statue of Charles X Gustav, King of Sweden at Stortoget Square.

A walk through peaceful street.

Back to the windmill once again at Slottsträdgården.

Never get tired with these beauties.

The day getting brighter by now, hence the flowers looked whiter as well.

Fully bloomed tree just next to Slottsträdgården Cafe.

Truly a surprise finding here in Scandinavia.

Bees loving these flowers as much as i do!

Nature at its best.

Spent fairly amount of time just under these few trees.

A lady cycling through the tunnel of trees.

Turning Torso, iconic landmark here in Malmo.

These two yellow hairy trees once again caught my attention.

These ducklings was very unique!

The floors of blue flowers at Kungsparken.

Hyllie - Sweden

April 2019


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