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Kalsoy Island Exploration

Glad that we make it on time at least 30 minutes earlier to the queue for ferry to Kalsoy island that going to depart at 3:30 PM. While waiting, we open the car boot with the lunch prepared earlier which consists of sandwiches, hot dogs, and also extreme spicy Tuna cans that I brought all the way from Malaysia! The ferry open for boarding timely at 3:30 PM and it will take us around 20 minutes to reach the port over Kalsoy in Syðradalur village. You can freely walked around the ferry and enjoy the endless Matcha Lave cake all over the fjords along the way!

The bay area of Klaksvík town.

Queuing for the ferry while having our packed lunch.

Ready to board the ferry now.

The scenery around the port.

Not a very big ferry, see how close the truck have to park beside both of our car.

Let the sail begin!

Klaksvík town as seen from the porthole.

Endless Matcha lava cake throughout the fjord.

Symmetric at its best.

Travelers sight seeing around the ferry here and there.

Kalsoy island to the left, and Kunoy island to the right.

A lone light house at Kalsoy island.

Landed at Syðradalur village very soon!

Syðradalur village, where the ferry bring us over in Kalsoy island, was the southernmost settlement here. There is only a single lane of road leading all the way to the northernmost settlement, the Trøllanes village, and the total distance was only less than 20 KM. Hence, it wasn't even possible to get lost here if you driving a car. Along the way, you will pass through two more villages which are Húsar and Mikladalur. Even it was such a small village, but there is still schedule bus that keep on travelling along the same road!

Road trip here, anyone?

I am glad I brought a zoom lens with me this time!

Tree on the empty road in Kalsoy island.

Briseis on the empty road in Kalsoy island.

The colors painted probably distinguish the countless sheep from different owners.

First stop, Mikladalur village.

We drove pass two tunnels along the road, and having a stop first at Mikladalur village, that highlight a statue of Seal Woman by the sea cliff, through a staircase. The legendary story of it was written in detail on a board at the village. The walks through the small village all the way to the statue was only us and some other travelers, the weird part is I am not seeing any local people here at all. Perhaps they were out there at the capital probably at this time of the year?

The public car park at Mikladalur village.

The sea cliff on the edge of Mikladalur village.

The giant waves at the bay were extremely gigantic!

The iconic landmark of Kalsoy island, the seal woman statue.

The view the direction of Klaksvík town.

Simply astonishing!

The detail of the legendary story of the seal woman in Mikladalur.

Staircase that leading the way down to the statue. Look at that gigantic waves hitting the bay!

Briseis at the village of Mikladalur.

Looking at the time now, it seem we couldn't make it back to Syðradalur village on time to catch the 5:35 PM ferry, hence we decided to adjust our the plan to board the last ferry at 6:50 PM instead. Since we have more time to wander now, we decided to go north to have a visit at Trøllanes village as well. There was a coffee shop, which operated in a container was opened here hence we able to rejuvenate a bit with some hot drinks and just relax our self by the sea cliff.

The highlight of Trøllanes village, was actually the light house situated on the mountain to the north of the village, on the northernmost part of the Kalsoy island. Unsure whether I will be able to reach the spot and back to Trøllanes on time to catch the last ferry, but it will be sure that if I am not trying, it definitely won't be possible at all. Hence, I rush myself quickly uphill towards the lighthouse direction, but the distance seem too far and I don't think time was sufficient this round. I stop midway on the hike, and fly drone over to try snap the photo instead, but due to super strong wind, I only manage to captured the lighthouse view from front, but not the intention angle. Even so, it was so tough for the drone to flew back to me as the system keep forcing it to do emergency landing all the time, and I need to execute manual flight instead in this extreme situation. I am glad it return home safely after the dramatic flight session, kudos!

Something special with the Matcha lava top from this mountain.

Close up look of it, kinda resemble the magnificent scenery in Games of Throne, beyond the Wall.

The village of Trøllanes.

The scenery of Trøllanes village, during the hike to the light house far north.

The best drone shot I am capable to get on the light house, despite the extremely windy condition at the time!

It was relieve that we manage to reach the port timely for the last ferry, and back to Fuglafjørður for a great rest. I sneak out during the night trying my luck to see if I am lucky enough to find rare aurora here in Faroe Islands, rare but still possible. Well, it seem that lucks again wasn't on my side tonight.

Lovely pair of sheep in Kalsoy island.

It make me hungry just by looking at this scenery.

We were on time for the last ferry back to Klaksvík town.

On the way back to Klaksvík town.

The snowy mountain as seen from the porthole.

Lovely chemistry between a mother and daughter.

Back to Klaksvík town, marked the end of our exploration in Kalsoy island.

A small waterfall and a sharp peak, close to Fuglafjørður village.

The exterior look at our accommodation.

The night photography on the village of Fuglafjørður.

No aurora, but still a stunning scenery with countless stars.

Kalsoy - Faroe Islands

April 2019


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